Hamari Sister Didi 30th September 2014 Written Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 30th September 2014 Written Update by Sona

Hamari Sister Didi 30th September 2014 Written Episode

Khushi makes video of Sooraj’s snores. She calls Amrita to inform that everything has been done. She tells Amrita that dadi mama is asleep and sends Sooraj’s video to her.
In the police station, the police man tells someone on phone that Inspector Veer isn’t here, but they are coming to control everything. He tells the sub-inspector to call Soori.

Amrita tells Malika not to worry, as Dr. Karan has called the police.
The inspector tells Seema’s father about the couple’s presence in Muskaan Hospital.
Malika has a back ache, while Mehr scolds her to make Bobby run all day. Bobby comes there, and asks Malika to rest and asks for coffee. There is noise outside.

Amrita makes Seema eat something, assures that everything will be alright. Seema tells her that her father wants to kill Alok while the police is also with them. Seema’s father comes there, and shouts. Karan comes to ask why he is shouting. The old man says he is the maternal uncle of Seema, and he must not interfere in their family matter. Karan asks who sent you here. He says police told us they are here. Mehr is sure Veer won’t let anyone know about it. Amrita says why he is saying about putting the hospital on fire, in such heat. He shouts, but Karan holds his hand and tells him to behave himself in front of ladies and the children he is talking about are adult. Amrita talks in between, but Karan makes her quiet. Dimple comes to phone, while the men there stop her and asks them where their children are. Dimple says that they can’t take them from here. The old man says they have been very polite, they must bring their children. Karan deters him to speak politely. The old man sends his men into the hospital; Karan calls them and asks Dimple to call security.

They search for the couple. Amrita asks Karan that she asked him to talk to Veer only. Karan says that he wasn’t there. Amrita says did you realize police is involved with them. He says he didn’t know they were sold out. Amrita watch them going to Seema’s room. The men call the older man that this door is locked. Amrita tells uncle ji that this is for special patients, and we keep it locked. He tells them to break the door. Malika whispers something into Mehr and Bobby’s ear. Malika shouts they ran away. The men run out towards her. They argue that if they will make so much noise, they had to run away.

Amrita also says that they have now looked into the hospital, they aren’t here. A man asks where have they gone, Malika says that they ran away hurting her and must be caught. As they were going out, the old man looks at Amrita’s expressions but Malika pushes them out. Dimple says thank God they have gone. Karan asks where have they gone? They were all quiet.

At home, Sooraj cheats dadi in drinking. She asks him why is he cheating on her. He asks she is cheating. Khushi comes there, Dadi mama says that he must be punished for this, and will tell them a story. Sooraj hints Khushi about a super woman. He says that there was a super woman who had two children, looked after her kids, worked and was their mummy and papa as well; she then came out of story and got whatever she wanted. Khushi says she is their mummy.

Amrita tells Karan, that they ran away. Dimple tells them all to get to work, while Amrita points at Malika and she leaves. Seema comes out, and thanks Amrita for saving their life.

Amrita says she knew it right, when he called the police. She tells them that she hid them in Dimple’s office and got the main ward locked. Karan asks will they keep them here for the life time. Amrita says, for now yes. Karan asks Amrita to come to his cabin. She nods, and tells them to cheer. They both suggest that they must run to a faraway place. Seema says they must get married. Amrita asks will everything be alright in her view, it isn’t like that. When the relations break, they take a lifetime to be rejoined. She tells her that it is very difficult, but she must make her family. They will take time, and till then they all are here. But they must not get married by running away. She asks all the staff that this must not get out of the hospital.

PRECAP: Amrita takes them along her. Karan stops her, but she says I am sorry, doctor.

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