Hamariwali Good News 12th July 2021 Written Update

Hamariwali Good News 12th July 2021 Written Update by Amena

Hamariwali Good News 12th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meera apologizing to Ritvik from Mukund’s side. She asks can this meeting be rescheduled. Ritvik says no, Mr. Joy is particular about time. She says don’t lose hope, I will think of something. He says I just have 30 mins. Mukund gets sad. Ritvik says I will tell him that presentation isn’t ready. Mukund says its fine, I m okay, I m not thinking of myself, but how to cover up Ritvik’s loss, we can tell about spices, it can’t be said by pictures, but by checking personally. She says you want to help Ritvik right, I have an idea, make the PPT yourself. He laughs and says I never sat in front of a computer. She says in any case, deal won’t happen, we can try. He says keep me away from this. She thinks to handle the matter. Ritvik is on call. He worries. Navya comes. She goes out and sees Adi in his room. He stares at her. He gets up from his wheelchair. She gets shocked. He catches her. She asks him to leave her.

Adi tries to force her. Her imagination ends. She sees Adi on the wheelchair. Everyone comes and asks what happened. Navya says Adi attacked me. Akki asks what, how is this possible. Ritvik says that’s impossible. Navya says he attacked me. Meera says he is paralyzed, you are in stress. Ritvik asks her to take rest. Akki asks Adi is he fine. Ritvik worries for his presentation. Devika says Meera didn’t come to help you.

Ritvik asks her to stop it. He speaks to Mr. Joy on the video call. He says sorry, because of some technical issue, I won’t be able to give the presentation, me and my team worked hard, my laptop crashed, PPT got corrupted. Mr. Joy says I m very disappointed, Ritvik you have failed and you failed me as well. Mukund and Meera come. He says Ritvik didn’t fail and didn’t fail you, you chose the right person. He brings the spices. He introduces himself. He says I had a small shop in Agra, I had sold spices for many years, I can smell the spices and say its name, our lives are also filled with spice. Meera smiles.

Mukund says we got fresh spices for you. He shows the spices. Devika takes Meera aside. She says this was your plan, you came to take your share or ruin Ritvik’s business. Meera says wait for some time, what’s the harm in trying. Devika says you are a big fool. Mukund explains about the spices. Meera says time will show, I trust Mukund, he understands business, even if he isn’t a big businessman. Devika says you have confidence on your poor husband. Meera says I have much confidence, bet and see. Devika says I bet, you will go back to your house if you lose. Meera says if Mukund gets this deal, then he will join this business in my place. Devika says fine. Ritvik and Navya smile. Mukund says food isn’t tasty without spices. Meera says get ready to lose, I know Mukund’s strength, he is a diamond, you can never identify him or value him, he will support me against you. Devika says its about international deal. Mr. Joy says you have come here wearing an apron in an international level, you didn’t follow the code of conduct, I don’t like such people. Mukund looks at Ritvik. Devika says congrats Meera, you have lost.

Meera signs Mukund to smile and stay confident. Mukund says you have said it right, its my mistake, I should have worn a suit and come, but wearing a suit and cooking won’t look good, it was about spices, I thought to create that ambience, I know you are sitting very far about us, I wanted you to get the taste of spices sitting there, I m sincere with my spices, I just want to say that I came in this apron because of that sincerity, I m sorry. Mr. Joy smiles and claps for him. Everyone smiles. Devika gets shocked.

Mr. Joy says I have seen many presentation, but this was my life’s best presentation, Parmar Group welcome on board, lets sign the deal. Navya congratulates Ritvik. Meera smiles. Mukund goes. Meera asks Devika will she announce that Mukund will join the business. Devika says we have got this deal. Meera says you can’t get back from your word. Ritvik and Navya come. Navya says we got the project. He says Mr. Joy was really impressed. Meera says I was telling Devika that Mukund should be part of this project instead my place. He says yes, she is right. Devika says Mukund has no knowledge about business.

Ritvik says if we had submitted the PPT, maybe we would have not got the project, Mukund gave it really nice, he has experience also. Meera and everyone look for Mukund. He says I didn’t say thanks to him, did he feel bad and left. Devika says I want you to start the project paperwork soon. He says maybe you spoke to him rudely. Navya says yes, I was just thinking that he can get insulted, he has no greed, he is doing this to support Meera, I was rude to him, I will say sorry to him.

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