Hamariwali Good News 13th July 2021 Written Update

Hamariwali Good News 13th July 2021 Written Update by Amena

Hamariwali Good News 13th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mukund saying I m very happy, they liked the presentation and applauded me, I m very happy. He dances with Meera. Navya looks on. She goes. Meera says I have seen how you have given the presentation, I know you will do your responsibility well, Ritvik thinks your experience and understanding, its imp for the project, you have to handle it. Mukund says no, don’t drag me into this, I just wanted to cover up the loss, I can’t help him, tell him not to keep any hope. She says fine, then I have to go and work, you have to sit at home, people will make gossip about you. He says we are staying together since months, I understood you, don’t do this with me, I used to sit at home when Navya worked, you are also free to work. She says fine, but Ritvik and I want you to help, you can leave it later if you want. He says fine, I will try. She asks really. He says yes, I will quit if I don’t like. She says okay.

Its morning, Meera makes him ready. He says I don’t like the tight clothing. She says sit back, you aren’t ready. Navya serves breakfast to Ritvik. Meera gets Mukund. She says its Mukund’s new look, I have styled him. They all smile. Ritvik says wow, he looks like a business executive. Meera asks Navya to say. Devika comes and looks on.

Navya says Mukund looks so good. Meera asks Mukund to smile. He smiles. She asks him to have breakfast. Ritvik says Mukund isn’t capable, he proved that he can do anything. Navya says yes, he has much experience, I trust him completely. Devika nods. She goes to pity Adi. She says Mukund is clever, he married Meera, he is going to join business now, will soon become the half owner of Parmars group, you are here helpless, he has a good fate. Akki asks Devika not to torture them, if she can’t help them. Devika thinks I have to think something to make Ritvik against Meera and Mukund.

Meera goes to Adi and says it depends on your will power, don’t lose hope. She asks Akki to take Adi to the balcony to get fresh air. Akki takes Adi. Mukund asks Ritvik to come. Meera asks Mukund to have curd and sugar. She feeds the curd to Mukund and Ritvik. A flower pot falls down. Meera pulls back Ritvik. She falls down. Everyone worries. They ask Ritvik are you fine. Mukund sees Adi fallen from the wheelchair. He says I will not leave Adi today. Navya says I knew it, he is acting. Meera stops him. Mukund says he had thrown the pots. She sees Devika’s saree cloth stuck on the wheelchair. She asks Adi who did this. Mukund says he is acting. Navya says he is acting, he is planning something, he is after Ritvik and my life, he attacked me yesterday, no one believed me. Ritvik says I think Navya is right, I m letting Adi stay here for Meera’s saying, but he can’t change. Adi gets angry seeing Devika. Devika asks Ritvik are you fine. Akki says everything is getting fine, I wish Adi gets fine.

Devika scolds Adi. Akki asks her to stop it. Devika says he made the flower pot fall on Ritvik. Akki asks how is it possible, he can’t even move from his place. Navya and Ritvik ask her not to defend Adi, he can harm her also. Akki asks Meera to explain them. Devika says stop the old drama, its about my son. Meera asks how did you wear a torn saree today. Devika says maybe I didn’t see. Meera shows the saree cloth torn. She asks how did it get stuck in Adi’s wheelchair. Devika says it would have happened by mistake, this man is useless, he will just ruin everyone. She asks Ritvik to go to office. Ritvik and everyone go. Meera asks Akki to get the soup. She asks Adi to just give hint and say what happened. She asks did Devika throw the pot down. Adi recalls Devika throwing the pot and running away. Adi tries to stop her. Devika kicks him and goes. Adi cries. Meera wipes his tears. She says I hope you understand now, that bad deeds can never be good, a bad person can’t be loyal to anyone, Devika is using your helplessness, better repent for your sins.

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