Hamariwali Good News 15th July 2021 Written Update

Hamariwali Good News 15th July 2021 Written Update by Amena

Hamariwali Good News 15th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Navya asking Meera to stop the drama and just leave. She asks everyone to leave. They leave. Meera gets sad and takes care of Bharat. She talks to Renuka’s pic. She says I just wanted Navya to get saved from the tag of a infertile woman, when Navya can conceive, then why shouldn’t she get this happiness, is it my mistake if I want her happiness. Navya cries. Ritvik knocks the door. He says I was going to tell you, I wanted you to get Bharat soon, I love Bharat, try to understand. Mukund says if Navya knew about this contract before, maybe their marriage would have got broken, I m thankful to you, they got time to understand each other because of you, Renuka would have done the same. Ritvik says open the door if you love me. Navya opens the door. He says we wanted to tell you the truth, trust me, don’t misunderstand Meera, you also got Adi and Akki married and hidden the matter from me, you didn’t know how I will react, Devika made this contract, Meera just helps us selflessly, everyone misunderstands her, she wanted to save our relation.

Mukund and Meera get Bharat to Navya. Meera apologizes to her. She says I didn’t intend to snatch Bharat from you, I wanted to see you and Ritvik happy. She cries and says I m sorry. Navya takes Bharat. He holds Meera’s locket. Meera cries and leaves. She gets sad seeing Bharat’s pic. Mukund comes. He says we will make breakfast and tea. He goes on the terrace. He asks where did the stove go. Meera says Devika would have done this, I will go and talk to her. She goes downstairs. Ritvik says there is a surprise for you. They see the breakfast ready. Navya says I have made hot kachoris for you, aloo puri and kheer also. He says yes, but… She says don’t refuse, I have made all this to apologize to you, I have insulted you and spoke rudely. Mukund hugs her. Navya apologizes to Meera. Meera says you have to make my fav food also. They laugh. They sit to dine. Meera asks Akki to join them. Devika gets angry seeing them happy.

Akki brings Adi home. Bharat cries. Akki says Bharat is here today. Devika looks on. Akki says we will show physiotherapy to Bharat. The oil drops. She goes to get another bottle. Devika comes to Adi and says you are alone, Navya got everyone on her side, she got Bharat, she will get heir from Ritvik, you will be alone, Akki will leave you soon. She throws the wires on the pram. Navya comes to Bharat. Devika leaves. Adi tries to sign Navya. Navya doesn’t understand. She feeds the milk to Bharat. He still tries to sign her. Akki comes back and says I didn’t get the oil bottle. She switches on the machines. Navya takes Bharat back to pram. Meera comes.

Mukund and Ritvik also come discussing work. Meera sees Adi restless. She sees the wires on the pram. She calls out and stops Navya from putting Bharat. She throws the wires away and switches off the power. Mukund asks Akki how can you be so careless. Navya says Akki wasn’t here, Adi was here, he did this. Meera says he can’t do anything, why are you blaming him. Devika comes back and says fine, he is innocent, but why is he always around when something wrong happens. Mukund says Meera is making a mistake. Meera sees the footprints. She says I know who did this, someone who stepped on this oil, its some lady’s sandal marks. She asks Akki and Navya to show their sandals. Devika tries to clean her sandals. Meera asks her to show her footwear.

Devika asks her to check it. Meera shows them the exact match. Ritvik asks why do you want to harm Bharat. Devika says actually…. Meera says we got your saree cloth near his wheelchair and now these footprints, what problem do you want, you have enmity with Mukund, Navya, Adi or Bharat. Devika says I have a problem with you, I want to snatch Mukund from you, I want you to stay alone like I m alone. Ritvik asks what happened to you, Navya and I should be angry on you. Akki says I should be angry on you, you are blaming Adi, I m ashamed to call you mom. Mukund says you should be in the mental asylum or jail. Meera says you have lost, I will never forgive you. Devika says wow Meera, you are becoming great in front of them, you had ruined my marriage.

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