Hamariwali Good News 20th July 2021 Written Update

Hamariwali Good News 20th July 2021 Written Update by Amena

Hamariwali Good News 20th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mukund looking for Meera. She shouts for help. She says I have no one dear to me. She sits crying. He hears her cry. He sees her and calls her out. He asks why are you sitting here, what happened, why are you crying, don’t worry, I have come. He gets inside. He finds her scared. He hugs her and cries. She gets angry and goes. He stops her and hugs her. He says I made a big mistake, forgive me, I told you so bad things, I behaved badly with you, I will not let you go away from me.

They come to the room. He apologizes. She says I know you will never love me, you will never accept me as your wife, I have no problem with this. He says I have removed Renuka’s pic from there, yes Meera, you know since you told me your feelings, my heart is restless, I m trying to fight with my emotions, Navya also tried to explain me, but I m not able to explain myself or stop myself, I love Renuka, she will always be part of my life, I felt I like to spend time with you because your face matches Renuka, but I was wrong. He wipes her tears. He says you have your own identity, I like your affection, when you care for me, scold me, fight with me, I feel happy, I understood that I want to stay close to you because of your heart, I got habitual to you, I started feeling that I have fallen in love with you. Meera gets shocked. He says yes, I love you Meera. She hugs him. Saanson ko jeena ka….plays…. He kisses her.

Its morning, Akki asks the servants to keep the mirror there. She gets Adi and asks him to motivate himself. Mukund gets ready. Meera gets flowers. She smiles seeing him. Dekha hazaron dafa….plays…. He hugs her. She says I m very happy, finally you have accepted me, but I didn’t wish to make Renuka separated from you, Renuka will always be part of our lives. He smiles. She puts the garlands on Renuka’s pic. Someone comes there with burnt hands. She opens the window. She sees Navya’s pic. Mukund and Meera hold the diya together.

Mukund compliments Meera and hugs her. She sees the diya blown off. She sees someone’s reflection. She goes to see. He asks what happened. She says I have just seen some shadow going in ghunghat. He laughs and says no woman dons ghunghat in this house, its an illusion, nothing else. She says maybe. They have a moment. He says we will go out today, I won’t go to office. She says no, don’t make excuses, enough, come for breakfast. Everyone dines.

Ritvik and Mukund talk about work. Mukund asks Meera to make tea. Meera makes tea for him. Everyone smiles seeing them happy. Ritvik asks Mukund to come. Navya gives the bag to Ritvik. Mukund leaves. Navya teases Meera. Meera says its nothing, I don’t want to talk. Devika says I m very happy seeing you happy, keep smiling. Navya says I have seen Mukund happy after a long time. Akki says I wanted to say that Adi’s body movements have started. Meera says I m sure Adi will be back on his feet again.

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