Hamariwali Good News 21st June 2021 Written Update

Hamariwali Good News 21st June 2021 Written Update by Amena

Hamariwali Good News 21st June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devika and Mukund scolding Adi. Akki says no, I won’t get the abortion, Adi, you will marry me, right. Adi shouts enough, shut up, I m not interested in your nonsense, stay away from me. Adi goes. Meera comes in his way and stops him. She says I won’t let you run away easily. Adi says get off my way else… She asks what will you do, you did what you had to, now I will see you. She gets a stick and beats him. She scolds Adi for faking love for Akki and leaving her for money now. Adi sees Renuka in her. Mukund also recalls Renuka beating Adi in the past. Meera says you are thinking, you don’t care, because you are a man, but why shall Akki tolerate alone, many girls come to my NGO because of guys like you, she can raise her child alone, but why shall she raise the child alone, its your responsibility also, you both have to take this responsibility. Adi asks her to stop it, if he loses control, then it will be a big mess. She asks what will you do. Devika says enough of this drama. Adi raises hand on Meera.

Mukund shouts. Meera stops Mukund. Meera gets angry. Adi says I can’t hir you, your face matches with my mum, that’s why I stopped, Navya and dad know that if I get angry once, then no one can stop me. Ritvik gets angry on him. Akki faints down. They worry for her. Adi takes the money bag and goes. Doctor checks Akki. Ritvik says you should have told this to me before. Navya says sorry, Meera made me swear. Ritvik asks what, Adi took an advantage of Akki, I will not leave him. Navya says please calm down. Doctor gives prescription for Akki. Devika sends Meera to get medicines. She pays the man and asks can abortion happen. Doctor says yes, it can happen tomorrow. Mukund apologizes to Ritvik. Meera asks Ritvik to get the medicines. She says Akki is better now. Mukund also goes with him. Meera says Akki doesn’t understand by seeing Adi’s truth, I can’t let Adi run away from his responsibility, I need to talk to Devika. Mukund gets coffee for Meera. He says I don’t like you involving Renuka in this matter. She worries.

She dreams of Adi and Akki’s marriage. She wakes up. She hugs Bharat. She sees Renuka’s picture and talks to her. She says I have to talk to Mukund and explan him. Akki gets sad and recalls Adi’s words. She goes to commit suicide. Meera sees Akki going with the rope. Akki locks the door and hangs herself. Meera breaks the door. She gets in and sees Akki hanging down. Meera runs and saves Akki. She gets Akki down and asks are you mad, you have no right to kill yourself and your baby, what if I didn’t come home. Akki asks what shall I do, mom spoke to doctor and wants my abortion done tomorrow, please save my baby, I love Adi and also my baby, mom sent Adi away, what if the baby goes. Meera says I promise, I won’t let anything happen to your baby, I will get you and Adi married, promise me, you won’t do this again. Meera hugs her. Devika comes to Meera and asks her to stay away from Akki. She asks what plan did you make with Mukund, tell me.

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