Happu ki Ultan Paltan 10th February 2020 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 10th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 10th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone having food. Happu appreciates the paratha made by Rajjo. Rajjo says it is my mother;s recipe. Amma says everything is of your mother. Chamchi teases Rajjo. Rajjo scolds her and says she is using her tongue much and I know on whose’s support. Amma asks what she means? Happu asks them not to fight. Amma asks him to make his wife understand, not to talk wrong about her. Happu asks Rajjo to stand silently. Kat asks her to bring achaar. Rajjo says other achaar is not at home. Kat says this achaar is not going inside her vocal pipe. Anshuman says vocal and food pipe are different. Rajjo says she will make in 2-3 days. Amma tells that she can’t bear now and tells that she can’t take care of kids properly. Hritik and Ranbir fight in support of Rajjo and Amma. Happu is troubled. Kat says there are holes in the boat in which you are sailing and asks which hole he will close? Malaika says Didi is right and asks him to say? Hritik and Ranbir continue to fight. Kat cheers for them. Amma cheers for Ranbir. Happu asks what is this tamasha and scolds them. Rajjo says my hritik would have won. Happu scolds them for promoting their fight.

Amma says people make cock fight in our city. Happu asks if they are cock. Amma slaps him and says she is giving example. Happu gets upset and goes. Commissioner gets the puja done in the Police station and says Baba tilaknath ki jai. Happu comes there and asks Makwana what is going on? Makwana says Resham lal is getting the havan done for getting the job back. Happu asks where is that baba? Makwana says he didn’t know. Happu goes to Resham Lal and wishes him. Resham lal says he is in this uniform because of baba tilaknath. Happu says you are in vest now. Resham lal says my wife used to fight with me a lot, but now my wife doesn’t fight with him and gives him a kiss without any arguments. Happu asks him to tell where is baba tilaknath? Resham lal asks him not to tell Makwana. Happu says he will not tell. Resham lal tells the address. Happu says he will go there.

Chamchi comes to the inhouse idol and sings bhajan o palanhaare…. Kat comes and asks who is singing. They all join her. Amma and Rajjo get emotional and come to stand infront of the idol. Chamchi asks why can’t we end the house fights and tells that mummy and dadi always fight with each other and asks God to end their fight. Amma and Rajjo patch up. Chamchi says she will fulfill her mannat when grown up. Amma tells that they have patched up.

Happu comes to Tilaknath baba. Tilaknath baba identifies him as the father of 9 kids and tells that he is trapped between two ladies. Happu tells that he is right and tells that there is an argument and fight between his wife and mother and asks him to make their fight end. Tantrik gives him kheer and asks him to smear on neighbor’s face. Happu says then the neighbor will get angry. He pays him 100 Rs. Baba asks him to give 5000 Rs and gives him swiping machine to swipe the card. Happu comes to Beni’s house. Beni tells that first he loves Vimlesh and then happu. Happu asks him to forward his cheeks. Beni gives his cheek thinking he will kiss him. Happu smears kheer on his face. Beni gets angry and scolds him and tells that he will not talk to him anymore. Happu goes.

Precap: Happu takes Beni to tantrik. Baba asks if he wants to become commissioner. Tantrik asks him to shave off some officer’s head and burn his hairs mixed with chilli in and around the house. Happu is shocked.

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