Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th February 2020 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hritik asking Rajjo to give icecream after food. Kat says icecream is dangerous at this time, tells about Crona Virus and asks him not to eat icecream and non veg. Malaika says Kat is right. Amma asks them to keep handkerchief on mouth before sneezing or coughing. Happu comes there and tells that he went to Tillakkadnath’s place with the request of becoming commissioner. He says baba said that if I shaved off some officer’s hair and burn it mixed it with chilli then he will become commissioner. Malaika and Kat dislikes the solution given by Tillakkad baba. Happu says he don’t like them.

Beni hopes Happu shall agree to his work. Happu comes there. beni praises him. happu asks if he has some work with him. Beni says I have some important work with you and asks him to co operate with him for Vimlesh. He says I want to make moustache on Chachi’s face with sketch pen. Happu says you know her anger. Beni asks him to let him make moustache. Happu asks will you kill her if baba asks. Beni says I will not do that, but co-operate with me. Happu agrees and tells that he has to shave off someone’s hairs. Beni says I will not give my hairs. Happu says he wants some officer’s hairs. Beni says we shall help each other.

Later Happu and Beni come to Amma’s room. Happu says first I will check if she is sleeping or awake. Dada ji sees them. Happu holds Amma, while Beni makes moustache on her face. Dada ji says she is looking beautiful. Beni thanks Happu and says he and his 10 kids will be grateful to him. Happu says 10 kids. Beni says I will have 1 kid extra. Happu asks him to help him. Rajjo hears them and sees Amma with moustache and gets shocked.

Rajjo scolds happu for helping Beni in his wrong doings. She says if he loses the job then she will take Amma and kids to badayu. Kat is singing song sitting on the window. Kamlesh comes there. Kat asks who is this man? Malaika becomes the mediator between them. Kat says she will not talk to him. Kamlesh says but he will come and asks Malaika to pass his message to kat. Malaika threatens to throw him and pushes him down. Kat asks if he fell down. Malaika says nothing happened to him.

Manohar is doing head massage of Commissioner Resham Lal. Resham lal tells that he takes care of his hair well, when Beni and Happu wearing mask and asks Manohar to shave off his head else they will break his head. Manohar shaves off his head. They ask him to give all hairs to them.

Amma thinks who can make moustache on her face. Rajjo gives her tea and asks her to wash her face. Amma says she will not go until she comes to know who has done this. Happu and Beni come home and burn Commissioner’s hairs. Amma asks what did you do? Beni says her moustache is still there. Happu says no. Rajjo informs Amma that Happu is burning commissioner’s hair to become commissioner and Beni made this moustache to marry Vimlesh. Amma calls them. She asks them to call near her and slaps Happu and Beni. She asks didn’t you have shame? Happu says he will become commissioner and you will become Commissioner’s mother. Resham lal calls Happu and tells him that he is unwell and asks him to work as a commissioner until he returns. Happu gets happy and congratulates amma and beni. Beni says he will marry vimlesh surely.

Precap: Happu asks Rajjo if she is happy that he became commissioner. Rajjo acts to be dead and talks shocking Happu. Ranbir, Hritik and Chamchi give their voices along with Rajjo’s voice.

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