Happu ki Ultan Paltan 13th February 2020 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 13th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 13th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amma coming to room after washing her face. Dada ji asks did you cut it? Amma says it was not real, I washed it. She asks why he didn’t stop Beni from making moustache on her face. Dada ji says Beni tried to get Vimlesh. Amma asks if he will let him do wrong with her to get Vimlesh. Dada ji tells that he remember his college friend who had moustache. He asks Amma to ask Happu to talk to Baba to make him alive. Amma asks if he believes on dhongi baba and says now I know why Happu is believing that baba. Rajesh comes there coughing and tells Amma that they have to stop Happu’s blind faith. Dada ji says Happu has become blinded in his devotion. Rajesh says she has an idea. Manohar tells Makwana that Resham got bald and he thought to play tabla on his head. They laugh.

Happu comes there. Makwana says you have worn Commissioner’s uniform. Happu says I am commissioner now. Makwana asks how did this happen? Happu asks him not to talk infront of him and asks Manohar if he remembers the persons cutting Commissioner’s hairs. Manohar says their face was covered. Happu asks Makwana to catch those persons and put him behind bars. Resham lal comes there and asks Happu to arrest the men shaving off his head and curses them. Happu asks him not to curse them. Resham lal asks if you are their relative and tells that he wants immediate action. Makwana asks if he has doubt on anyone? Resham lal says I am doubtful on you. Makwana says I would have shot you directly rather than doing childish thing. Resham lal tells that he is making wig for himself. Happu asks him not to make wig and tells that he is commissioner now and can arrest him. Resham lal is shocked.

Happu comes home and asks Rajjo to make tea for him. Rajjo is sitting straight without blinking her eyes. Happu asks her to become happy now as Kat will get married in a good house. Rajjo opens her mouth and says it seems you didn’t identify me. Happy says we have 9 kids and why I will not identify you. The kids behind the bed give their voices to Rajjo. Happu asks why your voice is changed. Rajjo says voice becomes like that after death. Happu asks who is she? Rajjo says she has become three and tells the ghosts’ name,says she is possessed. Happu gets shocked and comes running to Amma’s room. Amma asks what are you doing here? Happu says ghost entered in her, when I went there, she stared at me and took out 6 voices from her mouth. Amma asks him not to be scared and says I have ghost at my room, your father. Happu says really, Rajjo is possessed. Amma says I gave born to a coward man.

Rajjo asks the kids to be silent. Amma and Happu come there. Happu says she was resting at that time. Amma calls Rajjo. Rajjo acts normal. Happu tells that he got scared. Just then Amma comes there as possessed by the ghosts, with her hairs open. Happu and Rajjo hide being scared. Later they come to room. Happu calls Amma and tries to wake her up.

Later he thinks what to do and tells Malaika. Malaika says she don’t trust such things and says if ghost comes infront of him then she will break her head. Amma comes there. Happu says he is tensed. Amma asks him to say what happened last night. Rajjo brings tea and gives to her. She says ghost possessed you last night. Amma says Happu said that you was possessed. Rajjo tells that she has called Baba bhabutanaath. Happu asks who is this baba? Amma says he is popular baba.

Baba bhabutanaath comes there and keeps hand on Rajjo’s head. He says she is possessed. Amma asks what nonsense? Baba (Kamlesh) tells that chudail is also in her. He says everyone has chudail reflection . Malaika says even me. Kamlesh says no. Happu asks why you are staring there. Kamlesh says roopmati is hanging there. Happu asks why chudails entered my house. Kamlesh says I can sense that someone did tantra to get his wish fulfilled. Happu says it is baba tillakkad nath’s solution. Kamlesh says when someone does tantra then the chudails get attracted towards those person. Happu tells that he trust baba tillakkad very much. Kamlesh says if you don’t end doing the tantra then chudails will do mujra here. Happu gets scared and runs from there. Rajjo thanks Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks her to make kat befriend him. kat comes there and refuses to befriend him. Amma asks shall I slap you. Kat befriends Kamlesh and asks him to take bath, seeing dust on his body.

Precap will be added later.

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