Happu ki Ultan Paltan 16th September 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 16th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 16th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amma telling that Hritik’s concentration is on playing and asks Chamchi to make him understand. Chamchi says she tries, but he don’t listen. Amma says she will tell Happu to handle him. Amma asks Chamchi what is in her hairs. Chamchi says Hritik has put something in her hairs. Happu comes there talking on phone and tells that if his son does wrong then he will punish him too. Amma asks if he is not doing duty. Happu says he is going to station to pick Commissioner’s relative. Amma says then you should have become coolie. A guy Fakeerchand comes there and tells that Hritik has beaten his son Bansuri. Amma says looks at your son and ours. Rajjo says Hritik is lean like a chick. Happu calls Hritik. Hritik comes and asks what happened? Rajjo defends Hritik. Happu

asks her to be silent and asks Hritik if he has beaten Bansuri. Hritik says yes and tells that he hit him when they were playing. Fakeerchand asks him to punish him. Beni says they are kids and will become friends again and asks him not to interfere in kids’ fight. Fakeerchand tells that he shall be punished. Happu says Fakeerchand is right and tells that Hritik will be punished. He says if Amma or Rajjo do any mistake then he will arrest them too. He asks hritik to sit like cock. Hritik serves the punishment and cries. Fakeerchand gets happy and goes. Hritik and others go inside the house. Happu tells Beni that he has to do this, as Fakeerchand is close to commissioner.
In the room, hritik tells Rajjo that happu is married twice and one with her and other with his job. He tells that he will take care of family when grown up. Amma says Happu loves you also. Hritik vents out his pain and asks Amma to kick her son out if she really loves him. He cries. Rajjo says I will make you have icecream and takes him with her. Amma asks Ranbir to bring water for her.

Malaika comes to panshop and asks for elaichi. Pan shop seller gives her cardamom. Kamlesh comes there and tells that his father has kicked him again for forever. He asks Malaika to let him stay in her house, but she refuses. Beni comes and asks what happened? Kamlesh asks him to let him stay in his house. Beni says you have stolen money from my wallet. Kamlesh says I am your younger brother and have right on your money. Beni says I earn and you steal. Kamlesh says you didn’t let me stay for free, I have done house work and he kissed me thrice thinking me as Vimlesh mausi. Malaika says this is modernity. Kamlesh asks beni and Malaika to let them stay in their houses, but they refuse and go. Kamlesh cries.

Amma sees Pandit ji standing outside their house and asks Rajjo to call him. Rajjo says I have to make tea and breakfast then. Amma asks hritik to call Pandit ji. Hritik calls him. Pandit ji says I will come. Amma asks Chamchi to bring her kundali. Pandit ji comes and sits. Amma asks Rajjo to bring juice for Pandit. Pandit ji asks her to bring biscuits too. Chamchi brings kundali. Pandit ji checks and says your yog is good, says that she will do something bravely and will get famous. Rajjo brings juice and biscuits. Pandit ji keeps the biscuits in his bag and says he will take for his kids. He drinks juice. Hritik asks him to see his hand and wipe off the line which is connected with Happu’s duty. Rajjo and Amma scold him. He goes.

Precap: Happu calls rajjo and tells that a thief is wandering in their locality and asks her to be careful. Rajjo tells about Amma’s bravery prediction by Pandit ji. Amma thinks she will become famous catching theif.

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