Happu ki Ultan Paltan 24th January 2020 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 24th January 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 24th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo calling Avdesh and asks her to tell the recipe of chicken Manchurian, tells that Happu has invited Commissioner for dinner so that he gets promotion. Amma and Chamchi are waiting outside for her to go out. Rajjo asks Avdesh to tell the recipe and says she will remember it. She goes out talking. Amma and Chamchi change the tony walker wine with 7 am wine. They do hi five. Rajjo comes back to kitchen. Amma and Chamchi go out from other door.

Kamlesh and Kat come out of college….He says you will be called as Kat Lopez. He asks her to practice singing. Kat and Kamlesh sing the song. People throw money on them. Malaika comes there. Kat says they got good response and shows the change. Malaika says people gives change when beggars sing on road. Kat throws the money and says she is not beggar. Malaika takes Kat from there. She asks Amma why did bapu called Commissioner? Amma says yesterday Raita happened because of rajjo. Malaika says what is the guarantee that nothing will happen this time. Happu scolds her for her doubtful thought. Commissioner comes there and greets Amma. Rajjo comes and greets him. Happu asks his kids to go to their rooms and says he has many kids who call him Papa. Commissioner says he feels that from every street, one sound shall come, Papa came. They laugh. Beni comes there and sits. Commissioner hugs the bottle and asks Happu to serve the wine. Happu serves him wine. Rajjo brings chicken Manchurian pakoda and serves to Commissioner. Commissioner drinks it. Happu tries to talk to him about his promotion. Commissioner runs to bathroom. Beni tells that he needs to go to check the milk on the stove. Commissioner vomits and comes back. He scolds Happu and is about to hit him. amma scolds Commissioner and says your organs must have failed as you drank the wine at one go. She says what will happen to your family members if you die. Commissioner gets emotional and tells that he will not drink wine again. Amma says I will make you have lemon juice. Commissioner says ok and says I will have it from my mother’s hand.

Later happu thinks life is hell. Rajjo asks why you are worried. Happu tells that people are born in mrityu log then there is a problem. Rajjo apologizes to him. Happu says mistake is of Commissioner too as he was drinking continuously. Rajjo asks him to hug her. Happu hugs her. hritik comes there and tells that Amma has changed the wine with 7 am wine.

Later Rajjo comes to Amma and asks why did you do this? Amma says I have saved your 6000 Rs. She says when I saw him drinking for the first time, he drank the wine and I have understood that he didn’t drink tony walker before. She says Commissioner would have come here often to drink it, so I stopped his habit for once and all. Rajjo says it is right and asks about the promotion. Amma says commissioner will not do Happu’s promotion. She says one more thing, house of 12 people can’t run with just 10000 Rs. Rajjo accepts her mistake and asks her to take back the keys. Amma says you can do it and asks her to keep keys with her. She asks her to make ginger tea. Rajjo says I want to hug you. Amma says ok and they hug and kiss each other.

Later Amma calls Rajjo and asks why her saree is burnt? Rajjo says dhobi burnt it and when I told him, it was burnt already. Amma asks her to call that dhobi. Rajjo makes a call and asks dhobi to come and take the clothes.

A guy comes to Happu’s house. Amma slaps him. Rajjo asks why did you slap him? Amma says he misbehaved with you. Rajjo says he is not dhobi. Amma asks him. The man says he is Asthana. Happu comes and says he is a celebrity. Asthana says Amma was mistaken. Happu takes Asthana inside.

Precap will be added later.

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