Happu ki Ultan Paltan 26th August 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 26th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 26th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo telling Amma that Tiwari’s daughter marriage is fixed. Gudiya comes there with her mum Sarla. Sarla greets happu and says they came to take their help for searching groom for Gudiya. Happu tells that they are Nanhe’s samdhan Sarla and she is her daughter Gudiya. Gudiya asks them to give her anything hot or cold. Rajjo asks hritik to bring lassi for Gudiya. Happu asks Rajjo to teach Gudiya how to sit and behave when guy comes to see her. Rajjo says I will teach you. Hritik brings lassi. Gudiya drinks lassi. Rajjo asks her to wipe her mouth. Gudiya asks whose, your or mine? Happu is shocked. Rajjo says yours. She asks Gudiya to take the tray slowly, shyly and see here and there when someone comes to see her. Gudiya says I will fall then. Hritik asks her to apply

make up and asks her to take it from Rajjo and sarees from Amma. Amma says you shall do what you think right. Sarla says don’t know how she will get married. She invites Happu to her house. Happu says we will come for her marriage. They leave.
Hritik and Chamchi play music and dance wearing school uniform. Happu scolds them. Amma says they are kids. Rajjo says Kamlesh haven’t come and says if I tell you to drop them to school then your liver will swell. Happu says I will not go. He asks her to bring tea. Amma asks Happu to drop the kids to school. Hritik says don’t you love us? Rajjo says he just loves himself and his duty. Happu asks her not to eat his brain and let him drink tea. Beni comes there and offers to drop them to kids. Amma and Rajjo taunt Happu. Amma praises Beni for always being helpful. Beni says he and his wife…and then looks at them. Happu asks Kids to go else he will start Vimlesh puran. He thinks he don’t feel married although he is married, but Beni feels married without marriage. In the room, Rajjo gets romantic and ties the button of Happu’s shirt. She says she wants to love him and today he is looking handsome. Happu says he is getting late and says he needs to go. Rajjo says you don’t have time and asks him to have food and leave. Happu asks what do you want me to do, leave duty and sit at home. He says you want to make an issue out of nothing. Rajjo says you don’t have time for family. Happu says when you get married, then you know that I am in Police service. He says he will leave.

Dada ji asks Amma if something special is made today. Amma scolds him for spying in the house. Dada ji says this is my house. Malaika and Rajjo greet him. Dada ji blesses them. Amma tells them. Happu sits on the dining table chair and asks Rajjo to serve first. Amma asks him to have food peacefully. Happu says I don’t have peace and tells about the work. Dada ji asks Amma to ask him to take the leave. Amma asks him to take leave. Happu asks what will I do at home. Dada ji says he shall spend time with wife and kids. Malaika says you shall give time to us. Rajjo says why you work like a donkey. Happu says I don’t like this woman and says she calls donkey, etc. He gets a call and leaves. Dada ji tells Amma that she shall have insisted him to take leave. Amma asks Rajjo to eat.

Manohar dances in the Police station playing Singham song. Happu comes there and scolds him. Manohar apologizes. Happu asks him to bring water and thinks his head is paining seeing many files. Kamlesh comes there and greets Happu. Happu asks why did you come? Kamlesh says I came to take you to college. Happu asks why? Kamlesh says Kat called you to college as attendance is low. Happu says she is going to college everyday, with powder and cream. Kamlesh says but she is not attending the class. Happu blames Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks him not to blame him. Happu says you don’t take her to college. He asks him to tell Kat that he has no time to come to college. He says I have to go to court, have to do commissioner’s work and have to clear the files. Kamlesh says now they have to take admission again as attendance is low. Happu asks Kamlesh to take him out.

Precap: Amma and Rajjo to plan to call commissioner for breakfast, after he refuse to give off to Happu.

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