Happu ki Ultan Paltan 26th July 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 26th July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 26th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajesh telling Amma that happu might get promoted or something else as the flower fall in her lap. Amma says I hope so. Manohar tells Happu that he needs off to take wife to doctor as she is pregnant. Happu says you said that your wife had given birth to twin babies and asks why he wants to have many kids. He says you shall control in life. Just then he gets Rajjo’s call. She says puja’s flower didn’t fall in my hand, but in my lap. Happu says it fell in your hand. He asks her to tell straight. Rajjo says I am pregnant again. Happu is shocked and asks how did this happen Rajjo says if I am eating potatoes and getting pregnant. She says it happened like always. She says she is afraid of Amma and asks him not to tell her. She asks him to come home fast and tells that

she is getting vomiting.
Amma hears Rajjo’s vomiting and tells Dada ji that she has to find out if something happened. She calls Rajjo and says vomiting sound came from inside. Rajjo says she has gastric problem. Amma says if this is gas or something else. Dada ji asks I am sitting here. Amma asks him to go and asks Rajjo if this is gas or something else which happened 9 times. Rajjo says no. Amma asks why are you feeling shy? Rajjo says I am saying truth. Amma asks him to kick Happu out of bed and says 9 kids are enough. Rajjo says how to make you understand and says it is gas and nothing else. Amma asks her to drink Ajwain with water. Rajjo gets vomiting again. Amma says all dal is black.

Kamlesh comes to meet Kat again. Kat says I don’t want to see your face and hate you.He calls her senorita. Kamlesh cries and tells that his heart is breaking. Rajjo thinks why you didn’t make man pregnant and thinks what to do. She thinks she will control next time and asks God to do something. Kamlesh gives flower to Kat. Kat takes the flower and throws out of the window. Rajjo says if she is pregnant with twins. Dada ji asks Amma what is the matter? Amma calls chamchi and says I have some work with you. She asks Chamchi did you see your mummy and Papa kissing each other. Chamchi says no. Amma asks her to be around their room and try to find out if 10th baby is coming. Chamchi says I will enquire and tell you. She goes.

Beni talks to imaginary Vimlesh and says if I give my life then you will marry someone else and then I can see your suhaagraat with someone else. Happu comes there and sits on chair. Beni says you sat on Vimlesh. Happu picks the pillow, dupatta and paper and throw on bed. He tells him that Rajesh..Beni asks what? Happu says 10th baby. Beni says one more….after 9th. He says are you illiterate and says what master taught us, full stop. Happu says it was an accident. Beni asks when you will stop your factory. Happu says I can’t control seeing Rajjo. Beni says I never touched Vimlesh till now. Happu says you have made her pic on the paper and talking about control. Chamchi hears them and gets shocked. Beni asks when you will tell Chachi? Happu asks how you know? Beni says just because your face is not swollen. He says I can’t do anything in this matter and asks him to get lost. Happu comes home and sits on bed. Rajjo tells that she is afraid to go infront of Amma. Happu says do as I say and says until your baby bump can hide, hide it, when it is seen then show. He says just as it appears, then go to Shimla wali Mausi and get your delivery there. Rajjo says where to hide the baby. Happu asks her to cook story that she found baby in the farm. Rajjo says one baby can be found, but not two. Happu asks if there are two babies. Rajjo says yes.

Kamlesh comes to Kat holding bouquet. Kat says she needs poison to kill him. Amma calls Happu and Rajjo out. Rajjo says I will not go. Happu and Rajjo come out. Dada ji asks what happened? Amma says they did a mishap. Rajjo and Happu come and ask what happened? Amma asks what do you think that I will not know this. She says she is experienced. Happu says your experience is standing beside you. Dada ji says it is a matter of celebration. Amma says 10th baby is coming. Rajjo says they are twins and says another flower fell in her lap. Doctor comes there and says he came to give her report. He says you are not pregnant. Happu says how can this happen? Doctor says you are having gas problem and gives her report. He asks her not to have outside food and keep distance from husband. Dada ji laughs and says how can bhagwan’s flower be wrong. Amma says you would have got test done before making an issue. Kamlesh asks Kat to accept the bouquet. Amma asks God not to send anymore babies. Just then Kat takes the bouquet and throws from window. It falls on Amma’s hand. Happu, Amma, Rajjo and dada ji are shocked.

Precap: Pandit ji sees Amma’s kundali and says you will go to foreign. Rajjo says Amma don’t have passport. Amma gets a chance to go to London, winning a contest.

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