Happu ki Ultan Paltan 27th August 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 27th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 27th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hritik asking Chamchi to hide till he counts the numbers. They are playing hide and seek game. Hritik asks shall I come? Beni comes and says she is inside. He thinks when he will marry and have children. Hritik catches Chamchi. Chamchi says I heard Beni uncle telling you about me. Beni gives them chocolate and says who gives you chocolates, pizza, takes you to school and outing then why you call me uncle. He asks them to call him Beni Papa. Hritik and Chamchi call him Beni Papa. Happu hears them and asks Beni why he is not scolding them. Beni says I requested them to call me Papa. Happu asks what they will call me? Beni says they will call you Papa also. Happu asks him to be in his limits. Beni says I got emotional and wanted someone to call me Papa. Happu says how

can they call you Papa? Beni says they are Rajesh and your kids, Rajesh is Vimlesh’s sister and what I am to them. Happu scolds him and then kids and takes the kids home. He goes home and tells Rajjo that they are calling others as Papa. Amma says I can’t believe, hritik can do this, but not Chamchi. Happu scolds them. Amma asks who asked them to call him Papa. Happu says Beni and he is not stopping them. Amma asks Ranbir to bring her phone and says she will scold him. Ranbir says I couldn’t get your phone. Amma says I will call Nargis later. Rajjo says Beni is not at mistake and says kids will call him Papa as Happu have no time for his kids.
Malaika says Principal called Kat’s father, but you didn’t go to meet him so Kamlesh went. Hritik says Beni uncle gives us chocolate, biscuits and takes us to school. Happu says will you get sold then? Rajjo says if you become commissioner then you will leave us. Chamchi says Beni uncle takes us to Market also. Amma says kids are right and tells that he shall give sometime to family and kids. Happu says he has so much work pressure. Amma says she will search someone and call him beta. Later Happu comes to room and sees Rajjo applying nailpolish to her feet nails. She shows her feet and asks what happened? She says I will ask Kids not to call beni as Papa. Happu says my head is paining. Rajjo says I asked you to give time to kids. Happu says where I have time? Rajjo says if you don’t give time then they will call Papa to everyone. She asks him to take off for few days and spend time with kids. Happu says Manohar is trying to take his position since a month. Rajjo asks him to let kids call others as Papa. Happu says I will call commissioner for your happiness.

He calls Commissioner. Commissioner asks why you came at night. Happu says I thought you was busy in day time and that’s why called now. Commissioner asks what is the matter? Happu says I need holiday as I have some work at home. He says I couldn’t give time to kids and that’s why they are calling others as Papa. Commissioner refuses to give off and says Police job is such. Just then someone calls him Mama. Commissioner says my son calls me Mama since 4 years. Happu ends the call. Rajjo asks him not to worry and take rest. Happu says everyone gets job and asks her to apply nailpolish and finds her gone.

Next morning, Rajjo brings tea for Amma and wakes her up. She says Commissioner is very bad and didn’t give leave to Happu. Amma says Commissioner is not giving off to my son. Dada ji says he is commissioner of the city. Amma asks Rajjo to invite Commissioner for breakfast. Rajjo says ok. Dada ji asks them not to do anything which will make Happu lose the job. Amma says she will handle the commissioner. Dada ji gets tensed.

Happu tells beni that it is written in the newspaper to be beware of the neighbors who steals kids. Beni asks why is he taking it on his heart? Happu says you are asking my kids to call you Papa. Beni apologizes to him. Happu says you have done a mistake and shall hear now. Beni says I have respect and I am a big lawyer. Happu asks him to tell how much big lawyer he is. Beni says if you don’t be quiet then I will have tandav. He asks do you know about my condition, I am bachelor because of you and yearning to hear Papa. Happu says I have realized that I told you enough and apologizes. Beni says it happens and asks him to smile. Happu says I like this thing, you made me smile even when I am angry. They hug each other. Happu says he is hungry. Beni says I will take the newspaper with me.

Precap: Rajjo asks Commissioner about his wife and says Happu said that you are having an affair. Amma says Happu said that he is very romantic. Commissioner suspends him for a week.

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