Happu ki Ultan Paltan 28th August 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 28th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 28th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Happu telling Amma that Commissioner will peel his liver if he don’t go on time. Amma says he will do it anyhow. Commissioner comes there and greets Amma. Happu asks him about the purpose of his visit. Commissioner says I was invited for the breakfast. Rajjo asks shall I give you more paratha. Happu says first let him eat. Rajjo asks did your wife stay in your house. Commissioner says yes and asks why? Rajjo says Happu said that you are having an affair so thought you stay separately. Happu asks when did I say? Amma says didn’t you say that day that Commissioner is having affair with Gulfam Kali. Happu asks when did I say this? Rajjo asks why are you lying and says I will be insulted infront of commissioner. Amma asks how did we know about Gulfam kali then, do I

go to Kota? Happu asks who told you. Commissioner says you. Malaika asks you must have told Dadi. Commissioner suspends Happu for a week and tells Rajesh that salt was less in paratha. Rajjo takes him to room asking him to spend time with them. Happu sees Malaika exercising and appreciates her. Kamlesh comes there and asks about Kat? Malaika says she is bathing. Happu asks why did you come? Kamlesh says he came to exchange notes to Kat. Malaika says I heard that you have teased the new teacher.
Kamlesh says Kat and I really enjoyed. Happu reminisces his school days and says my teacher name is Monika. Kamlesh says you didn’t go to school. Happu says I don’t like him. Malaika says you friend had hidden teacher’s bag, I know everything. Happu tells about the school incident. Kamlesh asks why are you disturbing me and Malaika. Happu says you came from window and disturbing us. Malaika asks him to calm down. Happu says I know, Kat is having low attendance in school because of you and you are ruining her career. Kamlesh says college. Malaika says she is in college since a year. Happu says I am paying the fees. He asks Kamlesh to go and tries to hold the wood log, but couldn’t hold it.

Happu comes to play with kids and asks where is the ball? Hritik says you see Sharma aunty while throwing ball. Happu says I was very happy to play, but you said this. Amma asks him to come and have moong phalli. He says he wants to play. Chamchi asks him to become umpire. Ranbir throws the ball. Hritik says no ball. Happu doesn’t know. Hritik says why he is made umpire. Happu comes to room and tries to romance with Rajjo. Rajjo asks him to go and says you are free much. Happu says this is your problem, when I had no time for you, then you would have complain and now also complaining. She says she is having headache. Happu tickles her. Dada ji hears them and thinks to tell Amma. Happu says I want to enjoy romance with you. Amma comes home and says she can’t walk for more. Dada ji says then you will die. Amma asks you came again. Dada ji says I came to give you info and tells that Happu got love fever. Amma says he is young. Dada ji says he didn’t realize that kids are in the house and he shall think about them. Amma says how to make him understand, he is four steps ahead of him in majnupatni. She says Rajjo shall think that kids are here and says Avdesh didn’t teach her.

Amma calls her. Rajjo comes there. Amma asks were you sleeping? Rajjo sets her hairs and says no. Amma asks for tea with sugar, and asks her to send Happu now. Rajjo goes to kitchen. Happu comes to kitchen and holds her waist. Rajjo says Amma is doubtful and showing her eyes. Happu says Amma is old and asks her not to become old. He says I am enjoying. Amma thinks they start anywhere even after 9 kids and coughs. Happu and Rajjo hear her. Happu goes from there telling that he has to repair the roof.

Precap: Happu and Rajjo romance in the room. Dada ji hears them and thinks Happu lost duty and running behind beauty.

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