Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th January 2020 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th January 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Happu watching song on his mobile and laughs. Rajjo comes there and says you didn’t romance with me since many days. Happu says so much time have passed. Rajjo says your romantic insects have died. Happu says my romantic insects woke up hearing this. He is about to kiss her. Cheetar comes straight to their room and says he got a dream that they were playing cards. He asks Rajjo to come and play cards with him. Happu says it is a wonder game and asks him to play. Cheetar sits to play. He shows his cards and says he has won. He pats on Happu and he falls down. Rajjo says she will win this time. Happu goes out of room. Amma tells dada ji that Cheetar insulted her. Dada ji says I didn’t know, I went to the heaven. Amma asks really? She tells that everyone was laughing on Cheetar’s bad jokes except Malaika. She says Rajjo laughed the most. Dada ji says Rajjo got happy as her brother came. Happu comes there and rests on the sofa. Amma asks him why did he come at night? Happu says his head is paining. Amma asks him to ask Rajjo to massage his head. Happu says she is playing cards with her brother. Amma asks him to say directly that Rajjo and Cheetar kicked him out of room.

In the morning, Amma telling Dada ji that she didn’t get tea till now. Rajjo says it is not like that, and says if I don’t take care of yours, then your sugar and salt will increase. They hear Cheetar talking to someone and telling that the deal is fixed for 2 crores. Amma asks rajjo to ask him to 1-2 crores. Rajjo says my husband earns well, why to ask bhaiyya. Happu knocks on the bathroom and asks who is inside? Rajjo says your brother in law. Cheetar says he will take another 2 hours. Rajjo asks him to go to Beni’s bathroom. Beni is in the bathroom and tells that he will not open the door until he reads the newspaper fully. Happu asks him not to say this and tells that cheetar is not coming out of his bathroom. Beni asks him to stand between their bathrooms and runs into the bathroom whichever is opened first. He then suggests him to take water in the pot and go to the back side of the house. Kamlesh and kat come there and ask Happu to stop doing it. Happu says he is in pressure. Kamlesh says stop doing outside. Happu asks them to go. They leave. Commissioner comes there with Makwana and scold Happu for trying to make the place dirty. Happu says he is feeling unwell. Commissioner says fine of Rs. 11000 will be cut from his salary. Happu relaxes himself due to the tension.

Cheetar is resting keeping his head on Rajjo’s lap while Beni is massaging his feet. Beni tries to talk about Vimlesh, but Rajjo interrupts him repeatedly. Amma asks Beni to say straightaway. Rajjo interrupts them and asks Cheetar what he would like to eat. Cheetar asks her to ask others. Amma says she wants to eat matter dish. Cheetar says it is not good for you. Amma says malai kofta. Cheetar says even it is not good and says he don’t want her to die. He asks Rajjo to make khichdi for Amma. Amma gets upset.

Ranbir, Chamchi, hritik and Ayushman play the card game. Happu comes home and faints, falls down. Malaika calls him worriedly. Hritik says he must be acting, just make him smell shoes. Happu gets up and scolds them. Chamchi says Mama taught us good game and told that eyes don’t spoil. Happu says future is spoiled. Ayushman says teenpatti is good. Happu asks Malaika what is he saying? Malaika says she couldn’t say anything due to politics. Happu says if he sees anyone with the cards then will not spare them. He comes to rajjo and scolds her. Rajjo defends her children. Happu says this game is not right and tells that the kids might spoil. Rajjo says today’s kids are on mobile which spoils eyes. She asks him to thank her brother. Happu says he made them do gambling. She asks him to thank him.

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