Happu ki Ultan Paltan 2nd September 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 2nd September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 2nd September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chamchi asking for her tiffin. Hritik asks Ranbir if he worn his socks and pulls him down to get the socks. Rajjo comes and scolds him for troubling her a lot. Amma comes out and asks her to give tea to her with a spoonful of honey. Rajjo says ok. Malaika asks her to give history books. Rajjo says it must be there only. Happu says my key is missing and asks her to bring. Rajjo says can’t you do your work and tells that you will know when I leave the house. Amma asks her to give water and says you gave tea, but not water. Rajjo is bringing water in a hurry, slips and falls down. Everyone gets shocked. She gets up holding her back and cries taking Amma’s name. Happu thinks his button is broken and thinks to stitch it himself. Rajjo comes to room and sees him stitching

his uniform bottle. She says I will do it. Happu says I tried to help you. Rajjo says I am the free fund worker and do work alone. Happu says this house is yours. Rajjo says you got naukrani in dowry. Happu says you are my rajkumari and heart’s rani. Rajjo asks him to bring Servant till evening. Happu asks why are you behind me? He says I am not bringing Servant as you are fit, and will look as 18 kids mother and not 9 kids mother. He says you will burst like potato and ginger and that’s why not bringing Servant. He says if you do house work then will become fit. Rajjo says if you don’t bring Servant till evening then don’t show your face. Happu comes out of his house. Beni asks why his face is sad and asks him to bring happiness and hope on his face. Happu is disappointed and tells that Rajesh is asking me to bring Servant as she can’t do the work alone else she will get angry. Beni says I am calling you to get me married to Vimlesh, but you are not doing anything. A man comes there and asks if his DL is ready. Happu gets upset with him and says he is Inspector and not the officer to make DL, Aadhar or Pan card. He says I need a Servant at my house. The man laughs at Happu and asks Beni to give him a Bai. Happu slaps him and says I want Servant to help my wife. Beni asks Happu to go to Police station.
Amma comes to Rajjo and asks if her anger is not gone. Rajjo says I have to dance early morning with overload of work. Amma says this is household and tells that all the children are of great standard and don’t do work. Dada ji says you also don’t do any work. Amma taunts him.

Happu calls Manohar and gets angry on him. Manohar asks if he got an argument with his wife. Happu asks if anyone comes to work in your house. Manohar says I have to do work in my house. Happu says your condition is like commissioner. Manohar says I will make arrangement for Bai. Happu says my wife needs for help. Commissioner comes there and sits on the chair. He asks what happened? Manohar says Happu needs Bai for household work. Happu asks do you know any Bai? Commissioner tells that if I look like broker and tells that it will prove costly to keep the Bai at home. He says many complaints are coming. Happu says we will manage. Commissioner goes from there. Happu thinks how to make Commissioner understand that his home minister is angry. Rajjo tells Amma that she can’t stay without the Servant. Amma says I will work with you. Rajjo says you work less and taunts more. You are still taunting me for cutting ladies finger once. Dada ji laughs.

Kat comes to the Police station and asks Happu how are you uncle? Happu asks him to call him sir and not uncle. Kamlesh calls him sir and says my Papa thrown me out of house for 7 days and I have no place to stay. Happu says you roam like a crow everywhere. Kamlesh asks can I stay in your house for 7 days and says I am sure that you will not decline my request. Manohar signs Happu. Happu asks him to do household work. Kamlesh says I am like your son and asks if he will ask him to work. Happu says he won’t allow if he don’t work. Kamlesh leaves.

Happu comes home and thinks everyone must be sleeping. He parks his scooter. Kids come. Ranbir come infront of him and say Mummy is upset with him. Happu says he is tired. Chamchi says mummy slapped Hritik because of you and says you shall be slapped. Happu scolds him. Chamchi asks him to get the servant and see how much work mummy has to do. Happu says he is tensed since morning. Amma comes and asks what happened? Malaika asks him if he don’t feel shame and asks him to bring Servant. Happu says there are 100 problems related to Servant. Rajjo asks him to leave the house. Happu says he talked to Manohar about the Servant. Amma says he is right and asks Rajjo to let him come inside and says if he don’t bring Servant tomorrow then don’t let him enter the neighborhood. Rajjo says ok.

Precap: Servant comes to Happu’s house and says she heard that servant is needed and asks what work to do. Rajjo, happu and Amma are happy.

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