Happu ki Ultan Paltan 3rd September 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 3rd September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 3rd September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amma asking Happu if they will get something to eat. Happu says I am just chewing the pan. Rajjo comes and asks what they want to eat? All the kids tell about their different choices. Rajjo says she is making just Arhar dal. Amma says everyone will eat it and says it is very nutritious. A maidservant comes there and asks Amma if they need a servant. Happu asks who told you that we need the servant. Rajjo scolds him. Servant laughs. Amma asks about her salary. She asks him to give whatever they think. Rajjo says she is very cheap maid and hires her talking to Amma and happu. The maidservant congratulates Rajjo. Rajjo asks her to make breakfast for everyone and shows the kitchen. Kamlesh comes to Beni’s house and asks him to let him stay. Beni takes him to his house.

The maidservant Dimple makes food and brings to the dining table. Happu says you brought so soon. Dimple gives food to everyone according to their preference and says Rajjo told them. Hritik claps for her and appreciates her. Happu asks him to sit and have the food. He thanks Dimple and goes out. Dimple asks kids to get ready and says I will drop you to school. Rajjo says she is very understanding. Amma says yes.
Kamlesh tells beni that his papa thrown him out of the house. Beni says your father did wrong and says how can he throw you out. Kamlesh says he kicked me when I was nude and then I wear these clothes. He asks can I stay here? Beni says you are like my brother and can stay for a month. Kamlesh thanks him and says he went to Happu, and he asked him to work as Servant in his house. Beni says I will not let you work in my house. Kamlesh thanks him with a hug. Beni calls him Vimlesh and then says Kamlesh. He asks him to massage his back. Kamlesh says I will massage your back and asks him to remove his shirt. He then massages him.

Amma asks Dimple not to keep the bucket on the way and says you might fall down. Dimple says she is working since 5 years. Rajjo tells Amma that someone got a job. Karishma calls Rajjo and asks her why she is looking happy and asks if Amma went to her mayka. Amma scolds her for being after her. Karishma is on video call with her and asks if Vimlesh came. Rajjo says servant and praises Dimple. Karishma says Servant. Rajjo asks her to keep the Servant and ends the calls. She tells Amma that Karishma got jealous. Amma calls Dimple and tells that she cut the supari rightly and says you are like my daughter. Rajjo asks them who am I? Amma says bahu beti.

Hritik and Ranbir praise the food made by Dimple and decide to call her mummy. Chamchi says she has magic in her hand. Malaika brings icecream for them. Hritik asks if Dimple Mummy sent it. Malaika says it is sent by our mummy. Ranbir says our Rajesh mummy? Malaika says mummy is liking Dimple’s work and that’s why brought this. She shall take rest. Ranbir says they will have food of their choice. Hritik says I will go to kitchen and check what is cooking.

Beni comes home and asks Kamlesh why is he sleeping on floor and asks him to sleep on bed. Kamlesh asks where you will sleep then and says I will not take advantage of your kindness. Beni asks him if he would like to eat food? Kamlesh says you have to make me eat? Beni says I have sworn to make only Vimlesh eat with my hand only. Kamlesh says you took me wrongly and says I have no way to eat pan. Beni asks him to take it from the table and eat. Kamlesh tells that he can’t forget the night when his father kicked him out and the dogs was barking on the road. He cries. Beni asks him not to cry and asks if he will eat onion dish. Kamlesh says yes. Beni asks him to cut the onions finely and then asks him not to do this. Kamlesh says I will do this. Beni asks him to wash his shirt. Kamlesh says I will do and says I will wash your socks too. Beni goes to get the vegetables.

Rajjo comes home and asks Happu if he is free. Manohar asks Rajjo if she would like to have tea and says I like to do your seva. Rajjo asks why you like me? Happu asks him to bring tea. Rajjo says Dimple made food so she brought it. Happu says food is tasty. Manohar brings tea and asks her to drink, says you are hot. Rajjo says he is calling me hot. Happu asks him to be wise with his words and take a breath. Rajjo apologizes for overreacting and asks Happu to come with her to watch film. Happu refuses being afraid of commissioner.

Precap will be added later.

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