Happu ki Ultan Paltan 4th September 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 4th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 4th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Commissioner coming to Police station and gets smell coming from the tiffin. He eats it and says it is very tasty. Manohar says you are thinking wrong, a Servant made food at their house. Happu tells him. Commissioner says you are very lucky and eats the food. Rajjo asks him to leave one roti. Happu asks him to eat all tiffin. Rajjo asks Commissioner, can I watch a film with him. Commissioner says ok, take him. Rajjo takes Happu with her. Manohar says even I want to watch film, what film to watch. Commissioner says last breath. Kamlesh is washing clothes at Beni’s house. Dimple asks him what is he talking about and says she don’t understand. Kamlesh asks who is she? Hritik asks if she is talking to Beni’s Servant. They see Kamlesh. Hritik says he is Kat’s

Servant and now Beni’s Servant. Kamlesh says Beni is his elder brother. Dimple asks about his pay? Kamlesh says this is my house, my brother’s house. Chamchi says beni got Servant for free. Kamlesh says I am his younger brother. Ranbir says you are Servant. They tease him calling him Servant. Malaika comes out. Hritik asks her to see beni’s Servant. Malaika asks if this is your new business. Chamchi says that too free. Dimple asks why is he doing this for free. Kamlesh says I am his brother. Malaika asks him to calm down and says this is reality, become best Servant and be proud of yourself. Kamlesh goes inside upset.
Hritik calls Dimple as mummy. Malaika says he is calling mausi as mummy. Amma says your mother will feel bad. Rajjo scolds him. Ranbir asks Dimple to bring food. Happu comes and says she sat on father’s seat. Dimple brings food and gives to everyone. Amma asks if there is any machine fit in you. Dimple says no. Rajjo says you reminded me of my mummy. Dimple asks really. Rajjo says yes. Amma says her mother can’t even make tea. Rajjo asks what are you saying about my mother? Amma says she is reading mantra before having food. Happu asks her to enjoy food. Hritik says Dimple Mausi, you are not human, but an angel. Chamchi says angel. Malaika says I want to salute you eating this food. Ranbir sings song…Happu asks him to enjoy the food.

Later Rajjo thinks she has become beautiful and red in a day. She praises her beauty. Happu comes there and says Rajesh Singh. Rajjo says Happu Singh. He asks if she likes Dimple. She says yes. She says she is feeling talking to Kamlesh. He says he is feeling talking to Kat. She says she is fresh. Happu says she is also fresh and asks her to switch off the light. He asks her to set the alarm. Rajjo says Dimple will wake you up with the morning tea. In the morning, Happu wakes up and tells Rajjo that seems like he woke up late. Rajjo wakes up and calls Chamchi. Happu asks her to go and see. Rajjo says why Dimple didn’t make us wake up? They come out. Happu says where is Dimple. They think if she eloped with the jewellery. Amma comes and says she must be in her room. Rajjo says if she left with our stuff. Happu calls Dimple. Kids come there. Malaika asks why are you shouting in the morning. Happu calls Dimple. Dimple asks why is he shouting? Happu says it is 9 am. Amma asks if she is unwell.

Hritik says she was fine yesterday. Malaika says this thing will not work. Rajjo says kids haven’t gone to school today. Chamchi, Ranbir and others tell that they will be punished in the school. Dimple asks them to come inside and says she will talk to them. They go inside. Happu, Rajjo and Amma ask what she wants to say. Dimple closes the door and asks if their talk is finished. She rests on the bed. Happu asks if she has no manners. Dimple calls him chawanni and says do as I say else…? Rajjo says I will slap you. Dimple says don’t mess with me, I will get your husband jailed in molestation case. Happu gets scared. Amma scolds her. Dimple says I will order you now and asks her to stop it. Happu threatens to arrest her. Dimple threatens to malign his reputation in the neighborhood. Happu tells Amma that he don’t like Rajjo as she ate his brain to bring Servant.

Precap: Dimple makes Rajjo, Amma and happu work for her and scold them.

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