Happu ki Ultan Paltan 5th February 2020 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 5th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 5th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Makwana reading the letter and tells that 100 evils must have died, when you was born. He reads that he bribed the constables and eloped. You can’t stop me from do acting and blames him for going to gulfam kali’s house. Makwana reads wrong message then. Commissioner scolds him. Happu takes the letter and gives to Commissioner. He says he had threatened to send his son to hostel and he agreed to drop his idea of acting. Commissioner says it is too late now. Manohar comes there and says he has caught his son. Happu asks Commissioner to test his formula. Commissioner says if your idea works, then I will make you ACP. Happu gets happy.

Later Happu tells Amma that Hritik is studying in room. Amma says he might be watching film in mobile. Happu says he took his phone already. Amma blames Rajjo for this. Happu says your Chamchi is not less. Amma slaps him and says there is no comparison between Hritik and Chamchi. Hritik is mischievous while Chamchi is mannered girl.

Kamlesh and Kat come there and ask if this is Happu Singh’s house. Happu says he is Happu. Kamlesh talks in Urdu and says he is film direction Action Yadav. Kat changes her voice and says his mother was a director and tells that when she said action, he was born. Happu asks who is he? Kat says he is Pappu singh. Malaika says why you came here? Kamlesh says good question and tells that he saw Hritik doing in small programme. Amma asks did you come to take him in film. Kamlesh says he is making film. Happu asks do you want to hire Hritik in film. Kat says he wants to give you hero’s film. Happu asks me? Chamchi laughs and says from which angle Papa looks like hero? Happu asks them to sit and calls Rajjo. He tells that he is a top actor in school. Kat says you are a good actor. Rajjo comes there and gives them water. Happu says he is big director. Kat says he wants to cast her in his film. Rajjo says she didn’t act before. Amma says she acted in childhood. Kamlesh says he will give her role too. Happu and Amma get happy. Kamlesh gives watchman’s role to Malaika. Malaika says she will not do acting. Rajjo asks why you want to hire everyone of us. Kat says we came to hire Hritik, and found you all. Kamlesh says Hritik shall act in our film. Rajjo says why not? Hritik comes there and tells that he don’t want to be an actor, says he will become engineer or doctor. He says he has suffocated all his dreams, will become postman, but not an actor. Kamlesh tells Happu that he broke his heart. Happu asks for time and says I will convince him. Kamlesh says I will get the script ready and come in 2-3 days. They leave.

Later Happu comes to Rajjo and asks what happened? Rajjo says she is confused and asks shall I do acting? Happu asks her to think that she got a good chance and you are showing tantrums. She says she is not comfortable to wear glamorous clothes. Happu asks her to make halwa first and says you do acting with me whenever you want something. Rajjo says that is my love and not acting. Happu says you have to act to romance on screen. Rajjo asks him to give tips and make her comfortable. Happu asks her to get in the mood and plays the song. He dances and asks her to dance. They dance.

Amma smiles. Dada ji asks why is she smiling? Amma says nothing. Dada ji says you are lying to ghost. He says you are dreaming to act in film. Amma asks what is in me? Dada ji says salt in your beauty. Amma gets shy. Dada ji says I will watch all your film, all shows. Amma gets emotional. Dada ji says Happu and Bahu are dancing and asks her to dance with him. They dance.

Later Kamlesh comes to meet Kat. Malaika catches him and asks him to leave. She asks if he doesn’t know what people talks in society and says Kat is Happu Singh’s daughter and her father’s respect will be ruined. She asks him to go. Hritik comes there and tells Malaika that someone badmouthed about Happu, Amma and beaten him badly. Malaika goes to see that guy. Kat gets worried for Hritik. Hritik says I am acting and asks Kat to meet Kamlesh. Kat and Kamlesh get happy. Hritik asks them to continue with their roles. Kat says Malaika was watching us with her eyes. Hritik says if I tell her that you met in park then you will be caught. Kamlesh asks what to do next. Hritik asks them to wait and watch.

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