Happu ki Ultan Paltan 5th September 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 5th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 5th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chamchi telling that Dimple Mausi might be apologizing to Dadi and others. Hritik says Dadi must be scolding her. Malaika says we made her do so much work. Ranbir says we didn’t go to school because of her. Chamchi says Papa kept her for doing work. Amma asks Happu to call Commissioner. Happu says Commissioner will not listen to me, but will listen to Dimple. He says I will be beaten up badly. Rajjo says we will not say anything to Commissioner. Happy says what do you want. Amma also asks her not to do anything to her son. Dimple asks them to do her work. She signs song. Happu says she is singing well. Amma slaps him.

Happu, Amma and Rajjo come out. Happu says we have to do the work now. Kids hear them. Dimple comes out and asks Happu to sweep the house

and then wash the clothes. Kids get shocked. Beni calls Kamlesh and sees him coming from outside. Kamlesh says he went with tea seller to railway track to lighten himself as you was in bathroom. Beni says ok and asks if he likes emarti. Kamlesh says you have to buy it. Beni thinks why did he keep him. He asks him to have emarti and asks him to peel the egg shell. Kamlesh asks if I am your Servant and tells that they said that. Beni says Happu is a Servant himself. He tells Kamlesh that he has become lean and asks him to become macho. He asks him to polish his shoes and then asks him not to. Kamlesh says ok and gives eggs to Beni.
Rajjo thinks her own Servant made her Servant, looked simple, but is dayan. Dimple comes there and threatens to fade her jawani. She asks her to make Paneer for her. Rajjo says it is not at home. Dimple asks her to ask Happu to bring it and says you made me do so much work. Rajjo says she will ask him to bring Paneer. She asks her to make puri and other things for her, else she will ruin their lives. She asks Rajjo to do the work.

Happu is washing clothes and thinks he has become Servant due to Avdesh’s daughter. He says I never washed my clothes in my life, and now washing Servant’s clothes. Dimple comes there and asks him to wash the clothes silently. Happu says clothes are washed this way only. Dimple scolds him. Kamlesh sees Happu washing clothes and asks Dimple who is he? Dimple says he is Ramu kaka. Kamlesh says I identified him, but just asked. Dimple asks him to wash her clothes well and irons it, else she will burn him in the lawn. Kamlesh laughs. Beni asks Kamlesh if the clothes is washed. Kamlesh asks him to come near the wall and see. Beni asks Happu what happened? Happu says story is big. Beni says he has a meeting with client. Happu asks him to ask Kamlesh to wash the clothes. Kamlesh asks him to wash the clothes himself and goes to wash Beni’s clothes. Beni asks Kamlesh to help Happu, but he don’t. He leaves.

Amma thinks how to make thread design. Dada says this girl Dimple is doing wrong, but I am enjoying seeing her scolding you. Dimple comes and scolds Amma for making such design. Dada says she has guts. Amma scares him. Dimple calls her budiya and says she will show her moon and stars. She threatens to get Happu jailed. Dada asks her not to do anything with Happu. Amma tells Dada that she seems to be his Amma’s avatar and came to threaten her.

Later everyone is sitting in Kat and Malaika’s room. Happu comes there and tells that she made me washed stinking clothes. Chamchi says she is having headache. Rajjo asks her to ask her papa until when this will go on. Amma asks them to think about the naagin. Malaika says we have to tell neighbors so that they can help us. Happu says I will go to beni and asks him to solve the problem. Amma says he will get drunk and will start Vimlesh song. Malaika says he is right. Happu asks them to take his life. Ranbir sings a sad song. Happu goes from the room.

Precap will be added later.

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