Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th August 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kamlesh coming to Kat’s room and says she is looking beautiful while sleeping. Malaika comes and asks why he comes here often to guard the house. He says he came to do rishtedaari. Malaika asks him to say again. Kat wakes up and asks for sweets. Kamlesh gives sweets to her. She eats jaiprakash halwai emarti and likes it. She offers Malaika, but she refuses. He asks what is the name of our relations, friends or lovers. Malaika says you look like siblings. Kat asks what is his take on this matter? Kamlesh says my heart beat increases whenever I touch her. Malaika says you have BP problem and can do anytime. Kamlesh says when I go out with her, my face turns red and I became energetic. Malaika says face can be red by this and slaps him. Kat says she will have a deep thinking.

Kamlesh asks her to think deeply and give reply in his favor. He goes.
Kat asks Malaika if they are friends or lovers? Malaika asks her to stop it. Happu tells Jeetu that all wives are same. Beni tells that Vimlesh is different and is very beautiful, it is like the beauty ends on her. Jeetu asks him to show Vimlesh’s pic. Beni asks did you see Chitrakala’s pic. Jeetu shows his wife pic. Happu says both are suitable for each other. Jeetu asks beni to show Vimlesh’s pic, but he don’t have.

Rajjo thinks don’t know where is Happu and calls him. Happu says she will ask many questions and picks her call. She asks where are you? he says on the street and says there is much traffic, will talk and is about to end the call. Rajjo says there is no traffic sound. He signs Beni and Jeetu to come out and start the traffic. Beni starts the bike and they make sound as if they are stuck in traffic. Rajjo hears the sound and peeps out from window. Happu acts and asks if she hears the sound. She thinks to teach him a lesson. Happu thinks it is easy to fool her.

Next morning, Rajjo asks Kids to keep the ball and says Kamlesh will drop you to school. Dada ji asks Amma to ask Happu not to turn the pages fast as he is also reading. Amma gives message to Happu. Rajjo greets Dada ji. She tells Amma that he went to Beni’s house yesterday. Amma asks Happu. Happu says he got Manohar’s call and went to solve the case. Rajjo says I know what case you have saved. Happu says I don’t like this lady and says she saw me surprisingly thinking if this moustache man is her husband on our wedding night. Rajjo tells that he told that he has gas problem, but went to Beni’s house. Happu says no. Rajjo says he asked Beni to start the scooter and his friend was also there. She says he took out scooter gas and not his. Happu says so what to do, you are always after me. Rajjo says I am your wife and has right on you. Amma says my head is paining. Happu says even invisible man’s head is paining. Dada ji looks on. Kamlesh comes there calling kat kat kat….Happu calls him crow and asks him to inform before coming. Kat comes there. kamlesh asks about her reply? Malaika says she was sleeping. Kamlesh says we are lovers as I drop her daily. Malaika says so you are her driver.

Amma scolds Happu. Rajjo sends kids with Kamlesh. Happu says I will take bath and go for my duty. Rajjo says matter didn’t end here. Happu asks her to do work and not to eat his head. Dada ji asks Amma to make Rajjo understand to become his friend and says he is missing a friend. Amma says you said right and asks Rajjo to become his friend. Rajjo says this man is suitable to get beaten. Amma asks her to listen and says he misses a friend and that’s why go to Beni’s house. She asks her to become his good friend that he don’t miss any friend. Rajjo says I will try to become feni.

Manohar talks to his wife and scolds her for distancing him from his friends. Happu asks about his friends and says you don’t have any good friend. Manohar says friends are friends, no matter who are they. Commissioner comes there. Happu asks shall I order tea for you. Commissioner asks about the case. Happu says I am not getting information, but will get it. He asks about his wife. Commissioner says you must be knowing. Happu says yes. Commissioner says life is boring. Happu asks him to take time off and do romance. Commissioner asks if there is any arrangement. Happu says I will do. Manohar says even I am very tired of my wife. Happu scolds him and assures Commissioner that his work will be done. Commissioner goes from there. Happu sits on his chair and says his wishes are flying high, date is nearly expiry. He tells Manohar that he said a new thing today that friend is friend.

Later, Rajjo comes to room and sings song hum se tum dosti karlo. Happu sings tumse kyun hum dosti karle.

Precap: Happu brings Rajjo to beni’s house and says she has become his friend. And will hang out with them.

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