Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th September 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kamlesh asking Beni to sit and drink with him. Beni asks did you make food? Kamlesh says what’s a big deal. Beni says first work and then luxury. Kamlesh insists him to have drink. Beni asks whose house is this? Kamlesh says ours and goes to kitchen. Beni waits for Happu. Happu comes there and says today he can’t drink. Beni says I am not your wife and asks him to open the bottle and serve. He asks what is the matter? Happu tells that Servant came to my house. Beni says you slapped our friend that day. Beni calls kamlesh and asks him to bring chakna. Happu asks him not to make chakna, but besan pakoda. Kamlesh says I don’t know besan pakoda and I will not make for him. Beni says it is good that your father kicked you out and asks her to try. He asks happu to

tell what happened? Happu says she made everything whatever Amma, Chamchi and others asked, but now blackmailing me straight next day itself and showed her true colors. He says she made us Servant and threatened to malign my reputation in media, saying he teased her. Beni asks did you tease her? Happu says I didn’t touch her.
Kamlesh brings onion pakoda. Beni scolds Kamlesh and asks if this is pakoda. Kamlesh asks how to make it swell. Beni scolds Kamlesh and asks him to leave. Happu asks him to kick him out. Kamlesh says you both are very clever and cries. Happu asks him to just leave. Kamlesh says those kiddos are better than you. Beni asks him to go. Kamlesh cries and leaves calling kat and Papa’s names. Happu tells Beni that this guy might blackmail you. Beni gets tensed.

Rajjo serves food to Dimple. Dimple scolds her and asks her to make food early for her. She asks her to say this. Rajjo says she will make food early. Dimple says food is not tasty and asks her to play radio so that she can have food. Rajjo plays the radio. Dimple listens to song and changes it. Rajjo plays another song. Dimple changes the song. Their cold fight continues.

Kamlesh knocks on the window. Malaika opens the door. Kamlesh asks can I come inside? Malaika says no. Kamlesh says Beni kicked me out. Malaika says Kat is not here, I won’t let you stay here. Kamlesh says I want to talk to you for sometime and then I will leave. She says ok. Kamlesh tells that Beni and her papa kicked him out. Malaika asks who asked you to be Servant there. Kamlesh says I was never called as a Servant there. Malaika says but you was made to do the work. She asks him to go to his father and apologized to him. Kamlesh says if he will forgive me? Malaika asks him to go now. Kamlesh cries saying Kat.

Happu brings Beni to his house to talk to Dimple. Beni asks him not to take tension and calls Dimple. Dimple comes out and asks if he has gone mad? Happu says your silencer will burst now infront of lawyer Beni. Beni asks Dimple to say why she is staying at his friend Happu’s house. Amma says you will win and tells dimple that beni will squeeze the lemons now. Happu says he is a good lawyer. Beni says court wants to know why you troubled these simple people and asks if she is involved with terrorist group. Dimple asks what in low tone? Happu asks did you understand now what is lawyer? He asks her to tell. Dimple says I have seen such lawyers. Beni says I will file 420 case against you. Hritik says this mausi is a big cunning woman. Ranbir says she has troubled us a lot. Happu says your Beni chacha will handle everything. Happu and Beni’s friend whom Happu slapped comes there and hugs Dimple. Happu is shocked and says she will file case against you. Jeetu says she is my wife. Beni asks why did you marry a Servant? She says she is not Servant. Jeetu says Happu insulted and slapped me and that’s why I sent her to take revenge. Dimple apologizes to them. Happu asks Jeetu why did he splash raita in their lives. Jeetu says he got angry and did this. Amma slaps them and asks them to hug. Dimple threatens them. They hug. Beni hugs them and says I love you Vimlesh. Everyone laughs. Dimple takes Amma’s blessings and hugs Rajjo.

Precap: Hritik sees Happu getting slapped and scolded by Commissioner and cries.

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