Happu ki Ultan Paltan 7th August 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 7th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 7th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo telling Happu that she will become his friend. Happu says a husband and wife can be good friends else wife will know all his friends and husband will spill all his secrets oblivious to the fact that wife is actually trapping him. Rajjo asks if you are having an affair. He says no. Rajjo says then what is your problem? Happu says I am not afraid and says you are my wife, we have kids, relatives etc. He says family is different and friends are different. Dada ji blows on the windows to bring romance in air. Music plays. Amma asks what are you doing? Dada ji says masti. Amma asks about his age? Dada ji says 10 years and says I died 10 years before and I am now a kid. Amma says I wish I could pull your cheeks. She sings Ae kya bolta tu…and asks will you befriend

me. Dada ji says you want to do the same thing which bahu is doing. Amma says no.
Rajjo says I can be your good friend. Happu says a wife can’t bear anything. Rajjo says I will drink with you and have no objection. Happu says sometimes I do gambling also. She asks what gambling and says she knows all games and says she never lost the gambling. She says I will make your life gambled. Happu looks shocked. Ranbir sings song related to gambling. Happu shouts asking him to do home work. He then tells Rajjo that a friend talk with filthy language too, which you can’t bear. Rajjo talks in filthy language shocking him.

Amma says I always wanted to be your friend, but our era was different. Dada ji says lets try. Amma talks like his friend and asks if he is having affair with ghost lady. Dada ji says you will talk to me like this. Amma says friendship and enmity are not right with ghosts.

Beni waits for Happu and says he will come after his wife sleeps. Happu comes there and asks him to see what happened? Rajjo comes there. Beni gets surprised and asks her to come. He asks her to make Chakna and food for home. Rajjo says even I am your friend from today. Happu says Rajesh is saying right and says she is in his friendship area, she will drink with us and chew pan with us. Beni asks her to take glass. Rajjo says cheers and thinks she has to drink this because of him. She throws it and pretends to drink.

Kamlesh, Kat and Malaika are having icecream at the icecream stall. He asks what is our relation? Are we lovers or friends? Malaika says you look like siblings and says she is your sister. Kat says Kamlesh is right and asks him to tell symptoms of love. Kamlesh says true lover can do anything for her lover just like me. Malaika says you do this as you are jobless. She asks him call her Didi. Kamlesh says I see you everywhere, even in icecream. Malaika asks him to get his eye operated. Kat asks Malaika to talk to him with manners. Kamlesh says we are lovers. Malaika says you got weak and asks him to go home. She asks him never to ask again. Malaika says Kat is not your didi, but Bua. Kamlesh asks how?

Beni asks Rajjo, how is she feeling in their mandli. Happu says she is drinking with us and asks him not to ask how she is feeling. Rajjo says they are yaarigiri. Beni says he is Topachand and says you used to ask and eat, laughs. Happu says Beni is jealous of me and says he is jealous that I got married before him. Beni asks how much is your land. Happu asks him to see his house. Beni says you have a small land in which your Amma and kids crawl on each other like insects. Rajjo scolds him and asks what did you say? She asks Happu to say. Beni says I have happu like men around me in court. Happu says my head is shaking now and asks do I eat of your father. They have an argument. Rajjo asks Happu to get up. They leave.

Amma asks Dada ji if ghost ladies are fine. Malaika comes and greets Dadi. Dadi asks Ranbir to remember God first. Dada ji says if you remember God much then he will call you. Amma scolds him. Kids come and greet her. Hritik asks what is in breakfast. Amma says she doesn’t know. The kids argue. Rajjo brings food and serve them. Happu comes there. Rajjo calls him guru and asks which cream you have applied, you are brightening? She calls him Saale and asks him what is he thinking. Happu says kids are here. Rajjo says I am his friend now. Happu asks her to serve food. Rajjo says you are acting as you are hungry since births. Happu thinks she is not respecting me and thinks his respect has gone with friendship. Rajjo talks to him and asks about the night. Happu is embarrassed and says I will lie down for sometime. Amma asks him to rest. Happu thinks he shall leave before Rajjo insults him more. Malaika asks kids to come and says she will drop them to school today. They leave. Dada ji asks Amma what you asked her to do and says I asked her make them befriend each other and not to misbehave. Amma says I will also talk like this. Dada ji says I don’t want such friendship and goes.

Precap: Beni sings sad song. Happu also sings song sitting in his house. Rajjo asks happu to calm down.

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