Happu ki Ultan Paltan 9th August 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 9th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 9th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Happu asking Kamlesh to get down from the stairs and slaps him. He asks him to give his father Sudarshan’s number. Kamlesh checks his phone and says I have Rajesh didi’s number. Happu is shocked. Kamlesh says I will tell didi that you roam in the neighborhood at night. Happu says you are blackmailing me. Kamlesh says let me go and meet Kat. Happu asks him to go and come down fast. Happu goes to Beni’s house and knocks on the door. Beni is sad and doesn’t open the door. Happu does sit ups and apologizes to him. Beni says here nobody stays here and tells that Allahabadi used to stay here, but Inspector and his wife ruined everything. Happu says you are saying as if I snatched your home. He says I didn’t sleep for 3-4 nights. Beni says what you was telling when

you was sitting with Rajesh that you will not kick here. Happu says you don’t know that we were separated due to a conspiracy and says Amma and Rajesh don’t want us to sit together. Beni comes out and hugs him. Happu says they don’t want us to drink together. Beni says that’s why I thought how Rajesh is drinking with you. Happu says we never had such a fight. Beni says she is such a clever bird and defeated LLB educated me. Happu says it is an insult to bird, she is crow. Beni talks about Vimlesh. Happu says he will teach a lesson to Rajesh and Amma. Beni asks him to be careful and says they are dangerous. Happu says they will remember always that they have taken panga with beni’s friend. Beni hugs him. Happu says now I will get a good sleep, drinks wine from his bottle and goes. Kamlesh comes to Kat’s room. Kat says hi. Malaika asks him to say goodnight and leave. Kamlesh asks for an answers. Kat asks what is the question? Kamlesh says friends or lovers. Kat says I am confused and that’s why not answering. Malaika calls him mosquito. Kat asks her not to insult Kamlesh. Kamlesh demands an answer from Kat. Kat says I am confused. Malaika says this relation is of pilla and malkin. Kamlesh says your sister calling me puppy? Kat asks him to come tomorrow and says I will prepare for an answer. Kamlesh says ok. Malaika says he is puppy.
Happu is going to Police station in the morning. Karishma comes there and calls him jiju. Happu holds her hand and compliments her beauty. He asks her to come with him. Karishma says you have become jovial. She asks about Rajesh. Happu says she is at home and says he is going. Karishma calls Rajesh standing outside. Rajjo asks did you have a fight with your husband. Karishma says happu became friendly with me, says he complimented me at first and then touched my waist. Rajjo says I will take his life. Karishma asks her to leave it and make something. Rajjo says ok. In the night, Kamlesh comes again. Malaika asks Kat what is her answer? Kat says I am confused. Kamlesh talks to Malaika and says lover man can do anything. Malaika asks can you get beaten and if she feels pain then it means Kat is in love with you. Kamlesh says I am ready to get beaten. Malaika beats him. Kat says I am not feeling any pain. Kamlesh asks Kat. She says I am not feeling any pain. Kamlesh asks Malaika to beat him with force. Malaika bangs him on the wall. Kat says I am not feeling anything. Kamlesh says you, Haryana Police, can’t do anything. Malaika breaks her hands. Kamlesh asks her to beat him more and says Kat…Kat.

Happu comes to room and sings song. Rajjo comes and hits him with cupboard door. She says you are flying much high. Happu says you want a reason to fight. Rajjo calls him loccha lafanga. He asks what did I do? Rajjo says didn’t you tease my friend and twists his hand. She says she will make his liver red. Happu asks her to decide who is asking, a friend or a wife. Rajjo asks why did you tease her? happu says you had said that you will be with me and will become my friend. He asks her to do his setting with Karishma. Rajjo asks him to go from there. happu says you have to do my setting with Karishma and get her kisses, gives her friendship promises. Rajjo thinks if I don’t do the setting then he will go to Beni’s house. Happu thinks Rajjo came under the mountain now.

Rajjo goes to Amma and says gajab happened. Amma says again and says ajaz gajab are enough now. Rajjo tells her that Happu teased Karishma. Amma says I can’t believe this. Rajjo says he kept hand on her back and cries. Amma is shocked and says let me think. Rajjo says when I confronted him, he asked me to do his setting with karishma. Amma asks her to beat him. Rajjo says she was shocked hearing this. Hritik and Chamchi overhear them. He says he will make Papa cry for making mummy cry. Chamchi says ok. They go. Rajjo says my trick backfired, now he is wandering like a free bull. Amma asks her to relax. Rajjo says mummy and says where to go?

Precap: Happu shares his plan with Beni. Rajjo hears them.

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