Har Mard Ka Dard 26th May 2017 Written Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 26th May 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Har Mard Ka Dard 26th May 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mallika coming to Vinod’s house and falls down on his feet. She tells that she is Tulsi and reminds him that he came to a village for a training. She says we met there and got mad in each other’s love and this Jharna is our love child. Vinod is shocked. Mallika says she kept on waiting since years. Sonu asks why you didn’t come then. Mallika asks did you give me phone number or address, and tells that many years passed in your search. She tells that she is helpless and keeps her hand on her fake son, and tells that Vinod is her Papa. Vinod keeps hand on his hand and says I am not his father. Sonu says Vino. Mallika asks who are you? Sonu says I am his wife. Vinod says she is my wife. Mallika tells her that she haven’t come to snatch her rights, but wants her son’s
rights. Sonu asks her not to cry and asks for proofs. She shows Vinod’s pic with her. Papa ji says I know my son and tells that these photos can be made on computer. Mallika asks them to give a place to her in the house. She says she don’t want her son to be deprived of everyone’s love.

Vinod happens to see her face and thinks if she is Mallika. Anju says this girl will stay here until it is proved that she is lying. Vinod goes. He comes to Mallika’s house and comes inside calling her. He couldn’t find her there and thinks Mallika came to his house as Tulsi. He is about to go when he sees Mallika sitting on sofa. Mallika says maar hi daloge. Vinod thinks this is my doubt. Mallika asks him to sit. Vinod goes. Mallika thinks if you are a player, then I am a game, lets see what I do. Mallika and her fake son are having food fast. Anju asks them to have food. She asks Tulsi, did Vinod say anything about us when he came there. Mallika tells about them. They get happy. Jharna gets up and tells some words. Sonu recalls Vinod saying same words. She brings photo and matches with the boy. Mallika takes plates inside to wash. Anju says we shall finalize this bahu.

Mallika tells Sonu that Jharna’s pic is matched fully. Sonu says no. She asks Anju whether Vinod went to some training 7 years back. Anju recalls and tells yes. She tells that Mishra ji and Gulati went with him. Sonu asks them. They tell that they went for 15 days training and Vinod used to stay out all day. They are shocked. Mishra ji and Gulati come to college. Vinod asks where they went? They tell him everything. Vinod asks what did you do? He rushes back home and hears Sonu’s thoughts. Sonu thinks if this girl is saying truth. Vinod is shocked and shouts no. Sonu tells him that Mishra ji and Gulati told her about his trip 7 years back. Vinod tells that he used to study all day. Sonu says I have a doubt on your words. Vinod says you are doubting on your husband, for a woman who is a liar. He tells that he can’t think that she can doubt her Vinod. She says she has a reason. She says until it is proved, we can’t call her liar. Vinod gets tears in his eyes.

Mallika asks Sonu to get Vinod and Jharna’s DNA test done. Later she tells Vinod that she asked Sonu not to do this, but she is adamant to get the test done. Vinod is shocked.

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