Har Mard Ka Dard 30th June 2017 Written Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 30th June 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Har Mard Ka Dard 30th June 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vinod coming back home. Sonu says you have come. Vinod says no, and asks if you haven’t sleep. Sonu says no. Vinod asks her to serve food and says he will come in 10 mins. Sonu serves the food and sleeps on the dining table waiting for him. Vinod gets busy in work and realizes time. He comes down and sees Sonu sleeping. He asks if she slept after having food and laughs. Sonu laughs and asks him to have food and sleep and goes. Vinod gets tensed.
In the morning, Mallika tells Sonu that she told her that Vinod will not have food, but you said that he will eat. She says you have to show that you are busy so that he realize that he has to give time to you, and says duty is duty and not more than wife’s beauty. Sonu says she is feeling good and asks her to tell more.
Mallika asks her to do as she says. Sonu says ok. Mallika thinks now real game will start.

Vinod tells Mishra ji and Gulati ji that he is feeling bad as he couldn’t spent time with Sonu. Mishra ji says if you don’t give time to wife then you will land in problem. Gulati ji asks him not to mess with wife. Vinod says he will spend Sunday with her. Mallika asks Sonu to ignore Vinod tomorrow and says we will go on an outing tomorrow. Mallika asks Sonu to play this game to bring Vinod on right path. Sonu agrees.

In the morning, Sonu gets ready and says she is going with her friend. Vinod asks her to give him a kiss and hug. Sonu says she is going with her friend. Vinod says he has planned to spend all day with her. Sonu says even I can make a plan and wear sun glasses, says Sayonara. Sonu leaves. Vinod waits for Sonu. Papa ji says you are a man and asks if I waited for your mum. Anju says we used to have food together. Bunno asks with whom she went? Vinod says he doesn’t know and calls Sonu, but her phone is not reachable. Vinod gets tensed. Sonu comes home at 11 and asks if he didn’t sleep? Vinod says how can he sleep when his wife is away from home and asks her to have food. She says she already have food. Vinod says he didn’t have food. Mallika tells Sonu that if she is happy with her being her love Guru. Sonu says yes.

Mallika asks her to call her cousin or friend to make him jealous and bring him on track. Sonu agrees and comes home. Anju dislikes her idea. Papa ji says I am with Sonu. Anju says even I am with her. Sonu says I am also lucky to have you. Sonu tells Bunty Bhaiyya will come with Mallika. He does poetry. Mallika says I taught everything to him. Sonu asks Bunty to come in the morning. Mallika asks Sonu to talk less with Vinod. Vinod comes home in the evening. Sonu pretends to get sleep. Vinod says he needs to talk to her. He says he will take class via phone so that he can spend much time with her. Sonu says we will see tomorrow. She thinks Mallika’s idea is working and gets happy.

Vinod asks where is Sonu? Anju tells him that Sonu left with a guy and then returned home late and today also she left.

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