Hum Hain Na 23rd September 2014 Written Update

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Hum Hain Na 23rd September 2014 Written Update by H_Hasan

Hum Hain Na 23rd September 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Lakshmi feeding halwa puri to Bunty. They both get emotional. Satya comes there with her tiffin and Bunty taunts her. Lakshmi invites Satya and says she will feed both Bunty and her. Saagarika reaches there and Ratna asks her to come in and asks if she came to meet her or Rani. Saagarika says she came to meet Bunty. Friend says Saagarika wants to book tickets from his shop. Bunty leaves with Saagarika and friend. Lakshmi asks if this girl does not have any work and if her parents don ‘t question her.

Saagarika says Bunty his mom loves him a lot. He says yes and says he had to lie to come out of house. Saagarika says she came to thank him. He asks for what. She says he helps and forgets easily, he is really great. He asks what help he made. She says he helped her dad from goons and sorted out issues without going to police station. Friend starts boasting and says Bunty hit goons red and blue. Saagarika says she hates violence. Bunty says even he does not like violence but could not control himself imagining her dad’s insult. She says even she would have slapped them for her dad’s sake, thanks him and invites them both to her house. Bunty keeps staring her. Saagarika gets Phubali’s call and says she will reach home soon. She again invites Bunty and friend, Bunty then realizes what happened just now. She says she wants him to meet her dad as she wants to show her dad that all Banarasi youths are not goons. Bunty says he will come for sure and says he liked her bengali. She asks when did he hear her bengali. He says just now when she was speaking and says he felt very nice and asks if she will teach her Bengtali. She agrees and says he will have to take her on Banaras tour as a fees. Bunty agrees and happily shakes hands with her. Saagarika asks him to come home on time and leaves. Friend asks if he realized what mistake he made. Bunty says he got a place in Saagarika’s heart now.

Saagarika’s dad asks about her. Phubali says she is in her room. Guest engages him with his talk. Dad sees Saagarika coming from outside and asks why is she coming from outside. Guest says he sent her as he wanted a letter posted and he does not know Banaras well. Dad then asks aunt if she prepared food. Guest says she must have prepared it. Saagarika laughs.

Dad and Saagarika enjoy lunch with guest. Dad praises guest and says he has achieved a lot in such a young age and has not forgotten his Bengali values and reads begali novels. He says he is reading Devdas novel now. Saaagarika says even she likes Devdas and tells she likes Chandramukhi and explains her reason. Guest says he likes Paro as she loves Devdas a lot. She asks what if his wife loves someone else. He does not reply anything. Dad says guest’s parents are coming. Guest gets shy and leaves from there. Dad says his parents are coming with an alliance and asks her to understand guest well as he will be marrying her.

Precap: Dad says guest that he does not have to take her daughter’s decision and asks Saagarika if she accepts guest’s alliance..


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