Humsafars 11th February 2015 Written Update

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Humsafars 11th February 2015 Written Update by Sona

Humsafars 11th February 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Vikram asking Sahir not to worry. Sahir asks what you will do in next 24 hours. Vikram says you will go to jail in thenext 24 hours and the trouble will be off from her. He gets angry. Arzoo comes. Vikram tells Arzoo that he will go to jail. Sahir gets angry. He recalls Anam asking Sahir with which right, he is staying with them and then Alvira asking him not to leave him. Arzoo brings coffee for Sahir. Sahir calls her Zeenat. Arzoo gets sad. Sahir apologizes to her. Arzoo says she made hot chocolate for him as he couldn’t sleep after having coffee. She says you always thinks about her. She is in your heart and that’s why came on your mouth. She says she is now trying to adjust. You said that I can’t become like Zeenat. Sahir says I will say that again. You can’t be like Zeenat whatever you do. He says you are Arzoo, your honestly, strength, goodness makes you different from others. You have to come down if you wants to be like others. Whatever you are, you are mine and good. He says Zeenat didn’t even serve him water. He asks her to sleep. Arzoo says she wants to know about Zeenat. Sahir holds her hand.

A flashback is shown. Zeenat talks on phone and says she is coming to the party with him. Sahir comes and tries to hold her from backwards. Zeenat gets uncomfortable. Sahir asks are you going somewhere? She says she is going to Jyoti’s party and asks him to give car keys. Sahir says I have an idea. We shall go for a dinner. Zeenat says she already told jyoti that she is coming and asks what we will do over dinner. Sahir says we will sit, have dinner and talk. Zeenat says she is bored of his talks and poetry now. Sahir stops her and says sometimes relations importance changes with time. I needs your time, I will set everything fine. What will happen if you party all night. Zeenat says she can’t sit at home and listen to his poetry. She says I have my own life. I feel suffocated here. Sahir says you feel suffocated because of my love. Zeenat says yes. Sahir asks then why we are together. Zeenat reminds him of the promise made to her. Sahir says he is trying to fulfill the promise. Zeenat I don’t have time to give you, says our relation time has ended. We can’t be together. I need a divorce. Sahir gets shocked. Zeenat leaves. Sahir recalls her words and is in shock. Flashback ends.

It seems Sahir told everything to Arzoo. Arzoo asks Sahir to see her. She asks for his permission and says I want to cry keeping my head on your shoulder. She hugs him and cries. Humsafars music plays as Sahir holds her. Arzoo cries. He opens his eyes and sees her. Arzoo thanks him for sharing his pain with her. She says she can hear his heart beat. She feels his pain and now can understand his pain. She says I will never leave you. She says past and future can’t separate us. She will fulfill the relation of pain till her last breath. Sahir gets touched by her words. Sahir kisses her hand. Sahir gets closer and tries to kiss her. Arzoo hugs him intensely.

Arzoo smiles as he holds her. A song Saanson Ko Saanson Me plays………….while he gets closer to her. They lie on the bed and share some intimate moments while the song continues to play. Arzoo unbuttons his shirt. They are about to consummate their marriage, but just then get interrupted by someone’s shout. Kurti Apa knocks on Sahir’s door and asks him to open the door.

Zeenat is seen opening her eyes and smirking. She gets up and says she won’t let Sahir and Arzoo to unite. Kurti Apa bring Sahir and shows him Zeenat on the floor. Sahir makes her lie on the bed. Kurti Apa accuses herself. Sahir goes to call the doctor.

Vikram tells Sahir, that Zeenat wanted to give you divorce before her accident, and was about to send divorce papers. Sahir asks how do you know?

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  1. raniya
    February 16, 04:06 Reply

    humsafars is on 13th postion on desitvbox trp chart

  2. cuty m
    February 12, 16:16 Reply

    Pls don’t finish humsafrs, but I know is late now, 2 ask 4rd film 2 continue. A Lot need 2 be says, n a lot need 2 happen, but every thing is twisted. N u are rounding up, laken kyu? Pls. D way we nigerians lurv humsafars, I don’t think any country do. Thats why we stop watching ztv n focus on sony.

  3. saani
    February 12, 02:37 Reply

    the story feels bit incomplete….

  4. saani
    February 12, 02:34 Reply

    hmmmmm. lets see where the TRP moves now.

  5. Ocenia9
    February 11, 14:49 Reply

    The couple need to get togehter and solve the mystery. That would build there relationship stronger. Every day one new incident but no one is bothered to take it upon themselves to slove the problem. All the characters are very incompetent. I can understand you don’t want to finish the show but atleast show someone putting some effort in finding a solution.

    So many incidents and all of them are living their normal lives unbeleivable.

  6. anar
    February 11, 14:09 Reply

    I don’t believe why have you cast Kurti Appa in this show – she is so ugly with her teeth hanging out. She acts like people did in the black and white movies. Such a hateful character – I do not believe that she has even got a role to play. So very, very annoying and hateful face.

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