Hunar Hali confesses that she had “an inkling that Chhal would tank after plot change”

Beautiful, bubbly and scintillating Hunar Hali is now enjoying a relaxing time after her Colors’ show Chhal Sheh Aur Maat went off air.

“I am now on a break to recharge my batteries. My relatives have come down to Mumbai and I am spending quality time with them.”

Looking ahead this sardarni kudi says, “Something might materialize, but it will take a while.” She is also game to take part in singing reality shows like Star Ya Rockstar. “My mom is a classical singer, so I have the art in my blood.”

Coming back to her Colors’ show, which began as a suspense thriller then took a family saga detour and finally ended with a paranormal track, she shares, “It became a real rolling football with some many genre changes. However, I believe that we had begun well with the suspense track of Neha not knowing who her husband was. We even reached 2.5 TVR. Unfortunately, the creatives then made me Aditi. Once that happened, we did not have much to play around with for Kabir always loved her. Had we stuck with Neha, we could have done much more, making someone who you hate eventually love would have been a more interesting concept to hook the audiences with.”

She continues, “In fact, when the creatives told me about this change, my heart sank for I felt the show would tank. But then I kept my counsel to myself. Sadly my fears were proved right and the numbers kept dipping forcing the creatives to take drastic steps to lift the ratings, but once the basic DNA of the story is changed, things go beyond repair (reached as low 1.2 TVR). Even then we managed to lift the ratings to 1.6 with the supernatural track in just three week’s time. Alas by then it was too late. However, all said and done, I had great fun working with producers Bhairavi Raichura and Nandita Mehra (24 Frames) on this project. I learnt a lot and played so many different shades in a short period.”

In closing, Hunar informs us that she us seeing someone and there “might be somebody in her life.”

“However, I would rather not talk about it till things become much clearer.”
You were also linked with Chhal co- star Abhishek Malik. “Yes, I am linked with him even now, but we were nothing but good friends.”

Hunar…have a good life ahead!!!

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