Ikyawann 24th May 2018 Written Update

Ikyawann 24th May 2018 Written Update by Amena

Ikyawann 24th May 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Satya talking to Kali and Sejal. He signs Jhanno. She collides and makes the salt fall. Leela scolds Jhanno. Satya asks what are you doing Jhanno. Sejal asks Leela to leave them alone in kitchen, they are making her fav food. Leela asks them to put water. Satya puts water and thinks when Leela comes, they can see her footprints at night. Leela comes at night and takes the dish. Satya looks on. He closes lights and sees the footprints. He enters his room and thinks its ending near the wall. He checks the wall and knocks. Leela gets to hear the sound. He angrily goes. Fighter Didi asks Ratna to let the door stay open. Satya thinks what to do, remote isn’t working. Leela asks what happened, why didn’t you sleep, are you finding cameras, I m you Dadi, you won’t find it. He says right,

I lose, you won. She says I know that. He says I always used to think I will win, I was wrong, I beg of you, please come back, stop doing all this. She asks why. He says we should stay as a normal happy family, you remember how happy we stayed.
Leela says I wasn’t happy as Susheel was there. Satya says just end this, I will tell Susheel to take the complaint back. He calls Kali and Sejal. Kali says please leave Susheel, she didn’t wish bad for anyone. Sejal says yes, we will stay together like before, this hatred ruined everything. Kali says you remember how much you loved Satya. Sejal says it was fun when you were here, just come back. Satya says yes, I want you to come back. Leela cries. Satya says forgive me, I can’t stay here, even Susheel isn’t here. He goes. Leela stops him and says I will get Susheel tomorrow, don’t call police. Satya asks really. He hugs Sejal and Kali.

Sejal says we will clean the house, we will convince Susheel to stay here. Fighter didi waits and goes to sleep. Everyone happily cleans the house. Kali says we will welcome Susheel again. Satya says Leela is leaving Susheel, so we have to listen to Leela, I just want susheel to be safe. Leela gets angry hearing this. She says I will see you all tomorrow. Fighter Didi wakes up and asks did Satya come. Ratna says no. Fighter Didi says I shall go and see, why didn’t he come. Kali does aarti and prays. Sejal makes sandwich and says Susheel likes sandwich made by me, I wrote S and S, Satya and Susheel. Kali jokes. Jhanno laughs and asks shall we call Susheel’s family. Kali says no, let Susheel come first. Sejal asks do you doubt on Leela.

Kali says I m afraid. Fighter Didi comes home. Satya says please go back, we had a word with Leela, she is ready to leave Susheel, we have to take case back. She asks how can you believe Leela. He says its enough, its not a big thing to take case back, she won’t harm Susheel. Leela claps and says Satya you are so sweet, you did everything for Susheel, you didn’t think of me, you just care for Susheel. She asks Sejal to switch on the tv. She sees some shadows, of Leela hurting Susheel. They get shocked and shout Susheel, leave her please. Leela says your mistake proved costly for you all.

Leela plays a game and asks Satya to solve a puzzle in 20 mins if he wants to get Susheel..

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