Imlie 11th October 2021 Written Update

Imlie 11th October 2021 Written Update by MA

Imlie 11th October 2021 Written Episode

Imlie sees Adi feeling disappointed seeing page 3 news on front page and thinking he asked Imlie to join his newspaper for internship, but he can’t teach her to create fake news. Rupali passes by holding massage item tray and says Imlie is in agony here and bhai in his room, she feels sad for them. Imlie says she is angry on Adi. Rupali suggests her to visit Adi not as a wife but as a parlor aunty and relax him. Imlie hesitantly agrees. Aftr sometime, Imlie takes milk for Aparna and stands here. Aparna asks if she wants to say something. Imlie nervously says she has to do internship from college’s side in some office, so Adi insisted her to do internship from his office, Bhasksar Times; she is informing her as she has to take care of Malini in her absence and give her medicines on time. Malini hears her and thinks she will not let Imlie do internship with Adi.

Imlie calls Meethi from Adi’s office and says Malini has to stop being ignorant about her child. Meethi asks her to take care of herself first. Imlie informs her about her internship. Meethi says her daughter will become a big officer and will be happy with her family. Imlie says she will buy her gifts with her first salary. Meethi says she will also show attitude like Anu and mimics Anu. Anu fumes hearing her insult and thinks she needs to teach mother and daughter that they cannot be equal to her. Imlie asks officer till what time she can submit internship form. He says till 4 p.m.

At college, Malini notes down students’ names and gives them internship forms. Students discuss that they need to take at least 3 forms to try in different companies, but Imlie will get only 1 form to join Bhaskar Times as her interest is there. Imlie says she wants to become a journalist and Bhaskar Times is India’s best Hindi newspaper. They joke that its best because her husband works there and she will romance him there. Malini hears their conversation, hides forms in her bag, and tells Imlie all forms are finished. Imlie says she saw her hiding forms in bag and asks not to mix her personal issues with her professional life. Malini says she is show her her place and complains another teacher that Imlie is alleging her of stealing form. Imlie says she herself saw Malini hiding forms in her bag. Teacher says Imlie alleged Malini before and even now, principal shouldn’t have revoked her suspension, Imlie should have come early if she needed form and can join next batch instead. Imlie asks when will next batch start. Malini says after 6 months and walks away from there.

Meethi sees her chappals broken. Anu throws her high heel sandals towards her and asks if mother and daughter think they can be equal to her, she should wear high heel sandals like her as high society ladies wear same. Meethi taunts her that one doesn’t need high heel sandals to relax on cough, but Anu shows off; she is better bare footed as she is hard working. Anu says if servant senior wants to compete with here, she should wear these sandals or accept that she and her daughter will always be servants. Meethi wears sandals and struggles to walk. Anu asks how is she feeling. Meethi says Anu knows to keep her nose high, but she knows to keep her head high.

Imlie notices a student photocopying lessons and gets an idea to photocopy internship form. Adi in his office make arrangements to teach interns. Editor says he hated teaching interns before but is eager now, is the intern is Imlie. Adi says yes as Imlie chose journalism. Editor says he knows Imlie well and she will be an asset to Bhaskar Times. Adi thanks him. Imlie asks forms from her friends and finds them either already submitted forms or filled them. She remembers Malini hiding form in her bag and walks towards her cabin. Anu orders Meethi to climb a chair and clean dust. Meethi does with great difficulty. Imlie enters staff room silently and searches forms in Malini’s bag. Malini enters holding forms and asks if she is searching these. Imlie requests to give her a form as its her life’s dream. Malini says she will do same what Imlie did with her dreams, tears form, and walks away. Imlie stands crying.

Precap: Imlie shows new form to Malini and says its a student’s future and she should decide whether she wants to develop or ruin student’s future.

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    It would have been awesome if they showed a cute/romantic scene after Imlie went to the room with the things that Rupi gave her

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