Imlie 12th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 12th May 2023 Written Episode

Chini asks Kairi if her princess aunty/Imlie is more beautiful than her, did she befriend him. Kairi says princess aunty doesn’t look like a friend, she looks like mamm… Imlie walks in. Chini hides. Imlie asks what is she doing in kitchen and asks if she prepared this kadha/herbal decoction. Kairi says Chini, then says chef made it and she just added sugar in it. Imlie takes her out of kitchen. Chini unable to see Imlie’s face thinks she can’t be Imlie as her voice doesn’t resemble Chini’s. Guard informs Imlie that there is no one from outside, maybe a tall kid made a mischief. Kairi realizes she forgot kadha in ktichen and runs to get it. Kids show her gifts sent by their mothers and mock her that she doesn’t have a mother. Kairi runs from there. Imlie runs behind her. Kairi walks on road crying and murmuring she needs mamma. Imlie continues to search for her. Kairi notices Chiini and walks towards her. Chini asks her not to cross the road Kairi gets stuck between vehicles. Imlie also notices her and asks her to stand right there. Chini thinks who else is searching for Kairi and finds Kairi missing.

Atharva gets heavily intoxicated and thinks he hates Imlie for giving his place to Dahirya and recalls the incident. Imlie finds Kairi fallen in a pit and assures to get her out of there soon. She seeks passing vehicles’ help, but no one stops. Atharva thinks he changed the city to forget Imlie, but couldn’t and truth is he still loves Imlie. He calls her to express his love for Imlie and thinks why she is not picking call. Imlie finds her mobile missing and runs back towards Imlie. Atharva then calls Rana house. Imlie returns to Kairi. Kairi says everything is dark here and asks her to get out her here soon. Imlie asks Seeta maiya why did she give so much fear to a small kids, she needs to encourage her. She says she will get help from somewhere and asks Kairi to remember her pa till then. Imlie finally is successful in seeking help. Man says it a deep pit. Imlie calls ambulance.

Atharva continues to call Rana house. Devika picks it. Atharva gets emotional hearing her voice and breaks. Devika asks to speak and gets suspicious. Dhairya asks whose call is it. Atharva gets angry hearing his voice and disconnects call. He thinks even his mom gave his place to Dhairya and says he hates Dhairya and everyone. Imlie asks Kairi to stop crying and sings a lullaby Lori Lori Lori.. Kairi falls asleep. Imlie seeks help from Seeta Maiya and noticing a crane nearby rides it to save Kairi.

Precap: Kairi asks Dhairya if he wants to become princess aunty’s prince. Dhairya says yes but how. Kairi says by sining a song. Dhairya says he doesn’t know to sing. Kairi calls Imlie and plays Atharva’s song. Imlie is shocked to hear the song and looks at the video.

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