Imlie 13th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 13th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 13th May 2023 Written Episode

Imlie seeks drives a bulldozer to get Kairi out of the ditch. Bulldozer driver stops her. Imlie says her daughter has fallen in a ditch and she needs help to get her out of it. Driver agrees and gets Kairi out of the ditch. Imlie emotionally hugs Kairi. Chini watches from a distance and thinks who is with KAiri. Imlie describes Kairi how important she is to her. Kairi says even she is like her mamma. Mob claps for them. Chini is shocked to see Imlie with Kairi and thinks if she is not searching for Atharva, then she doesn’t know Kairi is Atharva and Imlie’s daughter. She hopes Imlie doesn’t meet Atharva and leaves from there. Someone records Atharva and Imlie’s video and virals them. Video plays on intoxicated and unconscious Atharva’s mobile. Imlie takes Kairi in her car and heads towards camp. Chini panics that Kairi will go to her mother and all her efforts since 5 years to take care of Kairi will go in vain. She calls Anu’s warning that if Atharva and Imlie reunite via Kairi, Chini’s second chance will also be gone and hence she should make sure they don’t meet.

Imlie gets Kairi treated in a camp and asks her to call her father and best friend to come and meet her. Kairi refuses citing their unnecessary worry and says when her mother like princess aunty is there to take care of her, she need not worry. Chini notices locket in Imlie’s neck and asks if its his prince’s. Imlie says yes, Kairi is intelligent. Kairi is intelligent and cute. Chini returns home in shock and informs Atharva that Imlie is here and is with Kairi now. Atharva stands shocked. Imlie sings a song and makes Kairi sleep. She forgets the song. Atharva enters and completes it and reveals her that Kairi is their daughter. Kairi wakes up hearing Atharva. Arthava informs her that her princess aunty is her mamma. Kairi happily hugs Imlie. Chini walks in and asks Atharva and Kairi to accompany her. Imlie asks if her habit of snatching didn’t go away yet. Atharva asks Chini to love. Chini asks Kairi next who also asks her to get away from their lives. Chini realizes its her imagination and angriluy breaks a vase shouting she will not let Imlie take away her family. A glass piece pierces her hand and she starts bleeding. She will not let Atharva know that Imlie is here and Kairi that Imlie is her mother.

Devika breaks down after getting a blank call. Dhairya tries to comfort her. Devika says she lost her son because of him and he can’t understand how it is to lose a child. Dhairya says he knows what a mother feels like, he sent his mother from here not to create any tension here and misses her each second. He prays god to never separate a mother from her child.

Precap: Kairi asks Dhairya if he wants to become princess aunty’s prince. Dhairya says yes but how. Kairi says by singing a song. Dhairya says he doesn’t know to sing. Kairi calls Imlie and plays Atharva’s song. Imlie is shocked to hear the song and looks at the video.

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