Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Episode

Imlie tells Rudra that Kairi’s family is lucky to have her and they would never be sad with her presence, but god didn’t give her that happiness. Rudra asks if Kairi stays in goad and did she met Kairi’s parents. Imlie says not yet, but will meet them during family day tomorrow. Rudra thinks that means Kairi and Imlie didn’t meet yet and they shouldn’t meet. He asks her to go and rest now and thinks he has to find out what is Chini doing in Goa and how is she related to Kairi. Next morning, Rudra visits Chini and asks why didn’t she speak to him at the summer camp. Chini asks him to leave. Rudra says he will if she informs who is Kairi related to her. Chini says Kairi is her daughter. Rudra says Kairi calls her best friend. Chini says every mother wants her daughter to be her best friend, she is lucky that her daughter considers her as bestfriend. He asks him to go now and walks in.

Rudra peeps in via window. Atharva asks who was it. Chini says no one. Atharva says he is missing his daughter Kairi and will bring her back home after family day. Rudra recalls the incident related to Atharva going missing and gets emotional thinking his son is alive and Kairi is really his granddaughter. Atharva says he wants to love his daughter immensely and doesn’t want to be like his dad who never valued his music and later he realized that he never valued him at all when he chose his business and illegitimate son over him. He says he wants to keep Kairi from his toxic family, Rudra got a brand new son as replacement, but Kairi and Chini are his only family now. Chini asks him to stop getting emoitional and finish food as she wants to buy him a shirt for tomorrow’s family day. Rudra walks out shattered and thinks their life changed after Atharva left, Imlie and Devika shattered, but Atharva acted dead for 5 years; he has to protect Imlie from Atharva now as he has already built his own world.

Imlie with family ladies visit market for shopping. Devika notices a display shirt and thinks Atharva would look good in it. Imlie buys dresses for her camp children and asks what shall she buy for Kairi. Atharva notices a display dress and hopes if he could buy for Kairi. Chini says soon his times will change and he will buy such gifts for Kairi and takes him away from there. Imlie buys that dress for Kairi. Atharva feels sad seeing shirt’s price tag and says he can’t afford it now. Chini gets tensed seeing Ranas and hides. Devika senses Atharva’s presence around. Back to camp, Rudra feels happy seeing Kairi and asks who is present in her family. She says herself, her monkey pa Arto, and best friend. Rudra recalls Chini telling him that Kairi is his daughter. Kairi asks what will he become during family day tomorrow. Rudra says a joker. Kairi says even her pa becomes joker for her always.

Kairi notices Dhairya looking at Imlie and sends him to talk to her. Dhairya walks to her and seeing her emotional asks reason. She says she is writing good bye notes for children as tomorrow is end of the camp. Dhairya says one shouldn’t say good bye to the loved ones. Imlie says she doesn’t know how will she manage loneliness from tomorrow. Dhairiya says he is there for her, then says he will chat with her. Rudra looks at them and thinks Dhairya should become Imlie’s partner as Atharva has moved on with Chini.

Precap: Imlie feels bad that she won’t be able to meet Kairi again. Kairi falls down and calls mamma. Imlie rushes to her. Atharva is shocked to see her and calls her name. Imlie is also shocked to see him.

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