Imlie 18th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 18th March 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 18th March 2023 Written Episode

Imlie tells Atharva that she knows that music is his necessity and happiness, but right now his father needs him. Atharva says he got selfish that Imlie has to explain him his responsibilities and thanks Imlie. Next morning, he gets ready in a blazer to join Rudra’s business. Imlie disguised as Kuljeet Singh silently tries to leave her room. Atharva notices her and asks who is he and where is Imlie. He tries to punch her when she stops her and reveals her identity. He asks why she is in this getup. Imlie says she got back her intern’s job as Kuljeet Singh and reveals that she was acting as bathing and had gone to give job interview instead. Atharva acts angry that she lied and asks howmany lies she said till now. Imlie gets tensed. Atharva smiles and says she deserves her job and suggests her to reveal truth to her boss as she got her job via her talent. Imlie agrees and encourages him not to shy away from his responsibility.

Dhairya reaches office. His colleague asks him if Akash destroyed his house. Dhairya warns him to mind his own business. Rudra’s vendor Chaddha calls him and threatens to destroy his office since Akash didn’t pay his 5 lakhs. His goons start breaking things at Rudra’s office. Dhairya fights with goons. Rudra gets angry on Akash. Imlie walks in with Atharva. Atharva says he will support Rudra in business from hereon and will not disappoint him. Devika performs Atharva’s nazar. Atharva asks her to perform Imlie’s nazar as she made him realize his responsibility. Imlie says it was his decision though to take up his responsibility. Rudra hugs Atharva happily and say she is proud of him.

Dhairya beats Chaddha’s goons. Chaddha asks if he is the one who was caught in 50 lakh rs fraud. Dhairya says it was a misunderstanding and Akash was behind it, he is loyal to Rudra and will always be. Chaddha says both father and son are same. Dhairya says father earned the business with hard work and son just got it in lineage. Goons catch him again. Rudra enters with Atharva and Manish and stops Chaddha. He apologizes Chaddha for delay in payment and says from hereon, Atharva will handle company accounts and will send him payment and new proposal tomorrow. He warns Chaddha to leave with his goons or else he will be forced to call the police. Chaddha leaves warning to send his money and proposal by tomorrow or else he will return with other vendors. Rudra then apologizes Dhairya for misunderstanding him. Dhaiya says he is his guguru and whatever he learnt is from him. Rudra says his younger son Atharva will handle accounts department from hereon.

After sometime, Dhairiya drops files on Atharva’s table and informs that he made a list of drivers and vendors which will help him make proposal. Atharva thanks him and apologizes for yesterday’s misunderstanding. Dhairya says vents out his frustration that his only chair was broken by Akash’s goons and his mother is having knee pain, which Atharva wouldn’t have faced due to his money. Atharva says just because his dad has money, his life is not that simple. Dhairya continues his stand and walks away.

Precap: Imlie gets tensed seeing her research documents missing from her computer and Atharva sleeping without preparing business proposal. Keya grins from behind and thinks Imlie proved them fraud, now they both will be called a failure in their offices.

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