Imlie 18th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 18th September 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 18th September 2023 Written Episode

Pallo maami shows Imlie’s photo with Agastya and asks her what was she doing with this man. Imlie thinks maami shouldn’t know about her chef job or else she will snatch the money. She lies that Agastya is a good man. Pallo says she should seek food from that good man and walks away with Babli. Ashu walks to Imlie and asks if she is not hungry now. Imlie says she had lots of food today and is not hungry. She feeds him leftover and makes him sleep singing Zindagi Aur Kuch Bhi Nahi, Teri Meri Kahani Hai.. song. Govind sings same song at Chaudhry house. Agatya listens to his song and recalls his stepmother’s bitter words and Imlie’s soothing words. Daadi stops Govind and scolds him. Agastya says Govind is entertaining them with his music and it’s not like some cheap bar girl singing a song in a bar. Daadi says a bar girl is better than Govind who earns some money at least and not like Govind who is useless. Rajni and Manno try to support Govind next. Daadi says Rajni is also useless who can’t cook properly, she is losing her because of the incompetent people.

Agastya asks Daadi to come down and feeds her Imlie’s prepared halwa. Daadi says is amazing, better than her prepared halwa; she praises a person who prepared it. Imlie is seen singing Aayiye Meherbaan.. song in a bar. Daadi continues to praise Imlie and taunts Sonali and her mother that Agastya/Gattu did what Sonali couldn’t in years in just 2 days, he found a diamond who will take their business to new heights. She happily feeds halwa to whole family. Sonali asks where is Amrit. Maid says he said he is going to NGO for some important business meeting. Amrit meets jeweler Mr Johri in a bar and says he thought he would call him to discuss business in some good place, but he looks to be of a colorful nature and called him to a bar. Johri says this girl has a magic in her voice. Amrit says he is talking business now and thinks he likes drinking alcohol whole day and be around women.

Imlie finishes her song and walks to backstage. Amrit follows her and praises her beauty and says he should join his modeling agency as a model instead of wasting her time here. Imlie gets angry and asks him to back off. Amrit continues. Manager walks in and says he is not allowed here. Amrit says he came to talk about business and will make Imlie rich with a modeling job. Imlie asks him to leave. Amrit walks away. Manager tells Imlie that she needs a boy to be round her always. Imlie says her manager brother is enough for her. Manager says there should be someone in her life who can protect her.

Back to Choudhry house, Manno looks at boys’ pics and rejects them all. Daadi taunts her to select a boy before wrinkles showing up on her face. Manno says she is still young and can give beauty tips to heroines. Agastya walks down and says Manno can compete in a beauty contest if she doesn’t reveal her age, so Daadi should stop pressurizing her for marriage. Daadi asks her to forget about Manno and tell when he is going to marry. Agastya says he will not marry. Daadi gets angry.

Precap: Pallo informs Imlie that she took money from a rich man who wants to listen to her songs, so she should speak to him when he calls. Agastya calls Imlie and asks her to reach his shop soon as he has an investor meeting. Sonali hears him and thinks Agastya wants to impress investors via a super chef.

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