Imlie 19th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 19th May 2023 Written Episode

Imlie calls Kairi’s father/Atharva and introduces herself as summer camp director Imlie. She says Kairi forgot her guitar, can he hear her. Atharva thinks he can hear her even in silence, but he ignored her completely. He disconnects call. Imlie prays god to for Kairi’s happiness. Chini tries to make KAiri sleep. Kairi says she is remembering her mamma and says her summer camp friend told tomorrow is mother’s day and she will gift a card to her mother, even she wants to make a card for her mamma but doesn’t have a mamma. Atharva feels sad hearing that. Chini tells Kairi that one who takes care and loves her is her mamma, so she should give her card to such person. Kairi closes her eyes and recalls Imlie. Chini talks emotionally and says people leave them in between, but they all 3 are family and will never separate. Atharva silently listens to her. Chini thinks Arto and Kairi shouldn’t go away from them or else she will die for sure.

Next morning, Kairi prepares a greeting card. Chini and Atharva asks what is she doing. Kairi says she is preparing a greeting card for her mamma and will gift it to a person whom she feels like mamma. Kairi asks Atharva to prepare a card even for his mamma and asks if his mamma is also with her mamma. Atharva recalls Devika and walks away. Chini feels happy thinking Kairi is preparing a card for her and thinks she will prepare Kairi’s favorite pastries today. Devika feels sad recalling Atharva. Devika says Atharva used to celebrate mother’s day like a birthday and used to love her immensely. Devika says Atharva was her live, he started celebrating mother’ day since he was 5 years old. Someone drops a gift box with happy mother’s day note on it. Devika feels happy thinking Atharva sent it and rushes out. She notices a man and stops him to find its Dhairya instead. Dhairya says he couldn’t buy gifts for his amama, but now when he can, his amma is not with him; he has at least choti maa with whom he can celebrate mother’s day. Rudra watches them hiding.

Dhairya then walks to Imlie and thanks her for her idea. Imlie says Devika lost her son and needs time to forget her pain. Kairi walks to her wishing her princess aunty happy mother’s day. Chini happily checks what Kairi has prepared for her and feels disheartened seeing Kairi made card for Imlie instead. Imlie emotionally hugs her and says she missed her. Kairi says even she missed her a lot and got tears in her eyes last night. Imlie asks if she came alone again. Kairi nods yes. Chini says she shouldn’t misuse her cuteness and goes to call her father and inform that she is here.

Atharva enters summer camp covering his face, thinking he will not let Dhairya snatch his right anymore. Devika checks out of summer camp with Shivani and walks towards door when Atharva bumps on her. Devika drops her bag. Atharva picks it and gives it to her and even touches her feet silently. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum.. song plays in the background. He walks away. Devika senses his presence. Dhairya walks in front of her. Devika gets angry seeing him.

Precap: Atharva notices locket in Kairi’s clothes and asks whose locket is it. Kairi says its princess aunty, she has her prince’s photo in it and talks to him daily. Atharva notices his photo and thinks if he made a mistake in understanding Imlie. Dhairya proposes Imlie with a ring.

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