Imlie 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd March 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 22nd March 2023 Written Episode

Rudra shows his employees to Atharva and says they are all having a dream of a brighter and safe future in Atharva’s hands. Atharva says he wants to speak. Rudra gets a call from his foreign clients and asks Atharva to start presentation immediately. He takes clients to conference room and asks Dhairya not to let anyone in until the meeting is over. Dhairiya agrees. Imlie gets out of the house via balcony and leaves in a cab to help Atharva. Atharva stands anxiously. Rudra says he will start now. Keya tells Akash that Atharva must be nervous without Imlie. Akash says he sent his men as clients, now Atharva will face humiliation. Devika asks Ripu and Ginni about Imlie. They say she’s working on their project in her room to focus better. Devika says they should thank Imlie for leaving her job and helping them.

Imlie reaches Rudra’s office, but Dhairya stops her from entering presentation room. Imlie reminds him of his promise to help during her next social work.
Dhairya asks if helping her husband is a social work, Atharva would have seek help directly instead. Client asks Atharva to start presentation. Atharva says he didn’t prepare a proposal. Client says he has great respect for Rudra and is eager to work with him, Atharva can give him a rough estimate. Imlie calls Atharva. Atharva thinks Imlie always reaches to him whenever he is in trouble. He picks her call. She asks him to tell client that proposal is ready and to bring everyone out. Atharva requests clients to come out for presentation. Rudra explains its a new generation’s new idea, so they all should follow Atharva. Atharva takes them out near trucks. Imlie asks him to tell they will replace their old trucks with new trucks with added safety and accidental alarm for drivers and goods’ safety. Client gets impressed with his idea and gives a new contract to Rudra praising Atharva’s progressive thinking.

Keya asks Ripu and Ginni about Imlie. They say she is in her room working on their assignment. Keya walks to Imlie’s room and seeing a rope in a balcony says she knew Imlie is not hee. She calls Devika and Shivani and complains that Imlie doesn’t care about family and has gone out instead of helping Ripu and Ginni in their assignment. Ginni and Ripu say Imlie already corrected their projects and found many mistakes in them. Devika and Shivani scold Keya for always trying to find fault in Imlie. Devika asks why did Imlie go out via balcony. Ripu says Imlie is a reporter and does unique things in style. Keya stands fuming.

Client praises Atharva’s progressive thinking. Rudra congratulates Atharva and all employees. Dhairya as usual starts venting out his frustration against Atharfva and tells Imlie that she left her sting operation and helped Atharva who doesn’t value her help and is a lazy untalented man. Imlie warns him to dare not badmouth about her husband. Rudra returns home smiling with Atharva. Family understands that Atharva won a client contract and celebrate. Ginni claps for Atharva. Atharva thinks Imlie is the real contender for these claps. Rudra plans a party tonight with a big announcement. Keya tells Akash that she doesn’t want to attend this party. Akash says she will miss a chance to see Atharva getting exposed in front of clients. Atharva thinks he should reveal truth to Rudra before party.

Precap: Rudra introduces Imlie to his employees as their new boss. Employees discuss that Imlie can’t handle a transport business. Dhairya says Imlie is incompetent to handle it.

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