Imlie 26th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 26th May 2023 Written Episode

A beggar asks Imlie to give him some food. Imlie finds her food packet missing and gives him money. She notices a girl/Kairi sleeping in the backseat and thinks Kairi also sleeps like this, she feels emotionally attached to Kairi as she is Atharva’s daughter whom she loved immensely. Ranas return home. Devika says they enjoyed a lot in Goa. Devika says she didn’t want to visit Goa, but then felt good there; she felt as if her Atharva was present there. She plans a pooja for Atharva tomorrow and tries to call panditji. Rudra stops her and says there is no need for that. Devika says he can’t decide everything and when he is worried for strangers, she has to worry for her child. Rudra thinks she was right that Atharva was around her, but Atharva doesn’t want to meet them or Imlie. He agrees for the pooja. Devika asks Manish to decorate the house tonight.

Bus reaches Delhi. Kairi wakes up and finds the bus empty. She informs conductor that she is with her princess mamma who was sitting in the front seat. Imlie waits for a cab. Conductor shows drops Kairi near Imlie. Imlie gets into car. Driver requests her if he can keep her lugguage in the back seat as he has his personal stuff in car’s dickie. Imlie agrees and sits in front seat. Kairi gets into back seat and hides. Imlie reaches Rana house and feels disheartened thinking she became a daughter from DIL of this house, but the one whom she married doesn’t want her at all. A kumkum thali falls down. She enters house stepping on it. Kairi reads Rana House board and thinks she reached her mamma’s house.

Anu calls Chini. Chini says Kairi is missing. Anu asks her not to search for Kairi and to live happily with Arto. Chini says she and Arto are incomplete without Kairi. Arto walks in. Chini informs him that Kairi is missing. Kairi feels mesmerized seeing a big toy room in Rana house. Imlie removes a garland from Atharva’s photo and says his mother prays for him each day and loves him immensely, she will be disheartened to learn that her son is alive and hid from her; she removes Atharva’s photo and keeps it aside, sits on sofa and misses her daughter. Kairi peeps into room and seeing her crying opens window silently. Imlie falls asleep on sofa due to cool air. Chini also falls asleep nearby. Atharva gets angry on Chini when he hears that Kairi is missing since yesterday. Chini says Kairi is also her daughter. Atharva says Kairi is just her responsibility or else she wouldn’t have let her go missing. Anu hears their conversation.

Imlie wakes up imagining Atharva who says whatever she saw in Goa is not real and he loves her.. She asks him to promise that he will always be with her. She then realizes its her imagination. Keya panics seeing footprints on the floor and shouts that thief barged into their house. Imlie rushes out and says its her footprints as she came late last night. Keya says she can see 2 footprints.

Precap: Imlie notices Kairi in her house and asks what is she doing in Delhi. Atharva blames Imlie for taking Kairi to Delhi and determines to visit Delhi and bring back Kairi.

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