Imlie 31st May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 31st May 2023 Written Episode

Kairi continues to trouble Anu. Anu asks Chini to come there and take Kairi away. Chini says she is coming. Atharva asks where is she going. Chini says to her friend who runs a children’s NGO, maybe she can help them find Kairi. Atharva says even he is going to meet a detective friend who can help them find Kairi. Chini thinks she found Kairi already and is hiding truth from him to protect their family. She leaves for Delhi. Atharva also books Delhi tickets and thinks Chini would be tensed if he informs her that he is going to Delhi to bring Kairi back from Imlie. They both stand in different airport check-in counter ques. Chini drops her bag and while picking up notices a Arto and thinks if its him. Arto thinks he hates Imlie and will get back Kairi from her at any cost. Chini thinks she will reach Delhi before Atharva finds out and bring Kairi back.

Anu calls Chini and tells her that Kairi fell asleep after troubling her so much. She asks Chini to come and take her to come and take Kairi away or else she will drop back Kairi to Rana house. Chini asks her not to do either and not let Kairi know that she is coming or else Kairi will run away even from there. Kairi hears their conversation. Chini expresses how she is worried for Kairi and wants to see her soon. Kairi thinks monkey paa and best friend are very much worried for her. Imlie barges in with police and accuses Anu of kidnapping Kairi from her house. She calls Kairi. Police searches house. Anu tells inspector that Kairi is her great granddaughter and her granddaughter Chini’s daughter, Imlie has kidnapped Kairi instead and brought her here. Inspector says Imlie has CCTV evidence of Anu kidnapping Kairi in her car.

Kairi escapes from Anu’s house. She walks on street and comes in front of Titli’s vehicle Phoolmati. Title asks who is she and why did she come in front of her phoolmati. Kairi introduces herself. Titli asks about her mother. Kairi notices mela nearby and says her mamma is inside it. Titli takes her to mela and asks where is her mamma. Someone asks Titl to keep flower pots in their place. Kairi leaves again. Titli thinks Kairi must have found her mother and looking at flower pots says flowers are her best friends. Kairi enters a magic show.

Imlie continues to search for Kairi. Rudra calls her and asks what is happening. Imlie says Kairi was at their house and is missing. Devika asks if that camp girl was at their house. Rudra asks Imlie to explain in detail. Imlie explains whole story. She hears announcement from mela and disconnects call. Keya says Imlie hid Kairi at home without informing them. Divya says that means those footprints wee not of Devimaa but of Kairi. Shivani says Imlie must have informed Kairi’s parents to come and pick her up. Devika tells Rudra that her son will not return, but she wants to feel happy seeing Kairi’s parents’ reaction when they meet her. Rudra recalls Atharva’s hatred for his family and thinks how to tell her that Kairi is Atharva’s daughter. Keya says they should question Imlie how did a 5-year-old kid came here.

Imlie enters mela and finds Dhairya and police there. They all continue to search for Kairi. Magician asks kids to ask him any question they want. Kairi walks on stage and asks where is her mamma. Kids laugh and say she must have come with her mamma. Kairi feels sad. Magician thinks she must have separated from her mamma and asks her to loudly call her mamma on speaker. Kairi calls her mamma. Chini hears her.

Precap: Atharva reaches Rana house with police to arrest Imlie arrested in Kairi’s kidnapping case. Imlie asks why is he saying that when they were related earlier. Atharva says they have a relationship of only hatred.
Kairi collapses seeing police taking Imlie away.

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