Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 11th September 2019 Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 11th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 11th September 2019 Written Episode

Bablu and Surjith excitedly asks Yogi was his romantic date with Gunjan. Pari walks to them and yells at Yogi why he was provoking Prakash to get her out of his room. Bablu says Bhai is getting married, so she should search a house for herself and offers to let her stay in his house. Surjith suggest other neighboring houses. Prakash sees Bablu and Surjith and angrily asks what are they doing here and how did they enter house as he didn’t see them coming from door. Bablu says via pipe. Pari provokes Prakash that even she saw them coming via pipe and told them not to. Prakash asks Pari to vacate her room as Yogi and Gunjan will stay in it after marriage. Pari starts emotional blackmail and asks where will she go, they are the only dear ones she has in this city. Prakash says

they are not his dear ones, she can search a house tomorrow and vacate room day after tomorrow. Dadaji walks to Pari and invites her for Yogi wedding and asks to attend each function. Pari says she will surely attend all functions and says she will go and sleep now as she has an important surgery in the morning. Once she leaves, Prakash asks Dadaji why did he invite Pari, she needs to vacate Yogi’s room. Dadaji says it is difficult to find a house, let her stay till Yogi’s wedding.
Suman asks Shiv why he was trying to fix Gunjan’s alliance with Chauhan’s son Rohan when Gunjan walks down and describes howmuch she is happy today. Shiv asks how was her outing with Yogi. She signals it was best day of her life, she roamed with Yogi at Qutub minar venue, had pani puri, etc. Suman says even she feels like having pani puri seeing her excitement. Gunjan runs to her room to get her mobile to show them pics.

In the morning, Pari wakes up hearing been/snake flute sound, angrily walks out, and sees Bablu and Surjith playing been. Bablu says they are trying to shoo off nagin/snake from bhai/Yogi’s room and asks her to soon vacate room. Pari yells at them. Kabir and Vivek walk in with Yogi and asks how he wants his room decorated. Pari says she likes decorated room and they can go ahead. Kabir says its Yogi’s room and she needs to vacate it as per Prakash’s orders. Pari tries to play emotional drama again, but Vivek dismisses her drama. Yogi suggests how he wants his room to be decorated. Kabir says he will bear expenses and Yogi need not worry. Yogi emotionally hugs Kabir.

At Gunjan’s house, guests arrive for Gunjan’s mehandi ceremony. Shiv requests chachaji not to create any problem and insult Prakash’s family again. Chachaji says he just wants Gunjan’s happiness. Gunjan’s cousins discuss that dadaji told Jijaji stays in a narrow lane where it is difficult to reach, how will they reach for ceremony. Gunjan signals that Yogi knows how to enter her heart and Gautam translates for her.

At Yogi’s house, ladies are busy cooking when Pari walks in and says she also wants to help them as it is also her house and she feels bad when she sees family working hard. Rani warns that it is not her house and she is a tenant and has to leave this house soon. Pari starts her emotional atyachar and traps Kusum and Daadi in her drama, insists to give her some work. Kusum asks to clean utensils. Pari gets nervous. Khushi asks if she didn’t hear what maa told. Pari washes utensils. Everyone get ready for Yogi’s haldi rituals. Yogi insists to take haldi to Gunjan’s house. Prakash scolds him while family members supports him. Pari thinks she can convince Gunjan to let her stay in this house.

Precap: Pari requests Gunjan to let her stay in her house and via Gunjan’s video call tries to convince Yogi. Rani’s chacha/uncle enters home, everyone greet him while Rani gets angry.

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