Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 12th November 2019 Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 12th November 2019 Written Update by MA

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 12th November 2019 Written Episode

Srivastav family writes Yogi’s profile for matrimonial advertisement. Yogi enters, and Kusum says they are preparing his matrimonial ad. Yogi signals to mention he is handsome and talented. Vivek asks if he should mention this. Rani says he should. Prakash scolds Yogi to not interfere. Rani brings pakoras and Ching’s Schezwan chutney and promotes it. Dadaji tastes it first and says it is yummy. Family also praises it. Pari enters and asks what is happening. Kusum says they are preparing Yogi’s profile for matrimonial ad and asks her to write it for them. Pari thinks of taking revenge for troubling her mother.

Gunjan gets ready for date with Roshan. Seema applies kajal teeka on her cheek to ward off nazar. Gautam says he didn’t know she is old fashioned. Roshan video calls Gunjan and informs that he cannot go on a date with her as a worker got injured on his construction site and he needs to go there to sort out police case. Gunjan gets disappointed and cries. Seema tries to console her. Shiv enters and hearing what happened says father and daughter will go on a date instead and kneeling down requests her. Gunjan agrees. Roshan asks Chauhan till when he should continue this, he cannot handle Gunjan more, now she has moved on from Yogi and herself insists to go on a date. Chauhan asks why did he sent her a message and says he will play kundali card and end this alliance. Shiv enjoys dinner with Gunjan while Seema asks Gautam to record it. Gunjan cheers up. Seema gets emotional. Shiv says he is happy to see Gunjan moved from Yogi and he is free of guilt now, if Seema continues crying he will take her on a date then. Seema smiles.

Pari writes down bad about Yogi while family supports her. Yogi angrily tries to leave. She holds his hand and says he is a good son, good brother, good friend and is full of good qualities. Family gets emotional hearing that, and Vivek says he will note it down before he forgets. Kabir says he recorded it and gives his mobile to Vivek. Kusum informs everyone that she prepared bengali dish today for Pari. Pari gets happy. Rani says dinner is served already. Family doesn’t like dish, but act. Pari asks for more servings. Yogi walks away without having dinner. At night, Yogi walks into kitchen and opens fridge to have food. Pari walks in and asks if she should reheat food for him. He nods yes. Their nok jhok starts.

Precap: Pari gets jealous when Yogi signals that he likes her friend. Roshan video calls Gunjan. Gautam asks him to stop acting as he is caught.

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