Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th August 2019 Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th August 2019 Written Episode

Prakash asks Dadaji if he will go and meet Shiv or not. Dadaji tries to ignore him and asks who made such a tasty kadhi. Rani says Daadi. Daadaji tries to change his opinion. Prakash insists Dadaji to go and meet Shiv. Dadaji tries to change topic repeatedly and says what will he speak early morning. Prakash says he will go then. Kusum reminds Pari’s words that he would have died with spine fracture. Prakash says he has not, so he himself will go and clear Shiv’s misunderstanding. Later family looks at wedding cards. Dadaji insists he will select card. Prakash says he always rules and this time he will select his son’s wedding card. Kusum requests Dadaji to let Prakash select Yogi’s wedding card as he loves his son a lot. Prakash nervously agrees and gets

emotional describing how happy he was when Yogi was born and sang a song, but Yogi didn’t listen at all and till now he does not hear or speak. He wipes his tears in emotions. Khushi and Pinky hug him emotionally. He tells family that he will ask Yogi about his choice as it is his wedding. Daadi says Yogi is at shop and didn’t even come to have lunch.
Yogi in his shop asks his friends to tell a plan how to meet Gunjan. One signs song kabootar ja ja and says they will send his message via someone. Yogi says he will write a love letter for Gunjan.

Prakash insists Daadi and Kusum to send Dadaji to Shiv’s house and handle situation. Khushi returns and says Dadaji is not at home and even in tea shop. Dadaji returns with Shiv and Suman. Prakash with family excitedly greets them and asks to bring black coffee and black cream biscuits for Shiv and even walnuts. Family then apologizes Shiv on Yogi’s behalf. Shiv says they are not angry at all. Suman says why will they be angry on their Yogi. Kusum asks what does she mean. Suman says Gunjan is their daughter now and Yogi is our son. Family says she is right. Shiv asks Prakash to accompany him and select wedding furniture and other dowry items. Family demands car, diamond jewelry, etc. Shiv gets tensed. Family laughs and warns to dare not speak about dowry, they just need their Gunjan. Shiv apologizes. Dadaji orders not to greet guests with paan masala as it is harmful.

Yogi tries to write love letter for Gunjan and his friends try to help him via internet. They play romantic song and mimic to create a romantic environment, then signal to write his feelings. Yogi signals that he sees Gunjan everywhere on streets, house, speaker, fan, etc.. he does not get sleep remembering her. Yogi then signals Gunjan’s eyes look like moon and teeth like stars. Bablu notes it down and Yogi scolds him. Dadaji enters and asks if he can help.

Precap: Kabir’s father insults Yogi. Kabir confronts him.

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