Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th October 2019 Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th October 2019 Written Update by MA

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th October 2019 Written Episode

Pari with Yogi communicate with Bablu and Surjith over phone and says they are entering Chauhan’s house via steps. Yogi stops her seeing Shiv and Chauhan at door. Bablu says they will divert Shiv and Chauhan’s attention and Pari/Yogi can enter in. He drops juice on guest. Chauhan scolds Bablu, and Bablu holds his feet and starts drama signalling Yogi and Pari to enter in. Shiv asks Chauhan to let the waiter go. Chauhan asks Bablu to go and help in kitchen and not to serve guests. Bablu agrees and rushes towards kitchen. Shiv notices his face and says he has seen him somewhere. Chauhan says all servants look same.

At Srivastav house, Dadaji and Daadi discuss that Prakash and Gunjan are going to temple, how will Yogi and Gunjan’s wedding happen. Moin hears

them and asks who is getting marriage. Dadaji tries to change topic, but Moin gets adamant and informs Prakash and Kusum. Dadaji says Moin is thinking of second marriage even after having an adult son Bablu and loyal wife. Prakash, Kusum, Rani, and Nisha tongue lash him. Dadaji drags Moin out and informs that Yogi is eloping Gunjan and he needs a place for their marriage as Prakash and Kusum have gone to temple. Moin asks to get them to his house as his wife is not at home today. Dadaji goes to bring pandit. Daadi informs Rani and Kusum that Dadaji has gone to bring pandit. Vivek enters and asks Rani to prepare tea for him. Kabir also enters and Vivek asks to prepare tea even for Kabir. Daadi thinks when will they go. Prakash with Kusum returns from temple and says they didn’t play carrom since many days and to call Yogi to join them.
Beautician gets Gunjan ready and her cousin sisters taunt her that she is lucky to get engaged twice. Gautam scolds them to mind tongue. Another cousin says Gunjan is wearing green lehanga like her and not looking like bride. Beautician asks Gunjan which jewwelry she will wear. Gunjan signals a simple one. Seema enters and requests Gunjan to get ready for Shiv’s sake. Gunjan shows her disapproval. On the other side, Shiv’s chacha/uncle sees Pari and Yogi and follows them to a room and they both hide. Seema notices him and asks what is he doing here. He asks if they invited Prakash’s family. Seema says no and asks him not to badmouth about them as she will not tolerate it. Pari asks Yogi to meet Gunjan and tell that he loves her a lot and came to take her with him. Gunjan’s cousin sisters see her and ask if she came to Gunjan’s engagement in cheap casual clothes. Pari starts fighting with them when Yogi interferes and praising girls sends them away saying Pari is mentally unstable. Pari scolds him and he says they would have been in trouble if the fight continued. Pari says he is right and good they found out that Gunjan is wearing green lehanga.

Prakash tells Kabir and Vivek that he is feeling disappointed that he couldn’t do anything for Yogi and Gunjan is marrying someone else. Vivek says Shiv is not ready to understand. Prakash asks if they met Shiv. Vivek agrees. Kusum scolds them and requests Prakash to forgive children. Prakash even he cannot blame them as he also would have done same for his brother’s happiness. Rani and Nisha hope Yogi elopes with Gunjan successfully.

Pari and Yogi enter Gunjan’s room and find a beautician instead there who informs that Gunjan is taken to engagement venue as muhurath was nearing.

Precap: Yogi watches Gunaj and Roshan’s engagement ritual and sends a message on mobile via Gautam. Gunjan shows message to Shiv.

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