Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 21st February 2020 Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 21st February 2020 Written Update by MA

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 21st February 2020 Written Episode

Bablu, Surjith, Pari, Gunjan, Khushi reach police station and plead inspector to let them meet Yogi. Inspector says only he can meet Yogi and walks into lockup holding belt. Pari tries to stop him in vain. Bablu says they should get a lawyer first to meet Yogi and Sujoy can help them. At home, Pari’s mother looking at Yogi’s pic laughs saying karma bit Yogi and now he is in jail for ruining her daughter’s life. Kusum hearing that slaps her and warns her. Pari with Gunjan reaches Sujoy and explains him whole incident. Mona sees chacha’s pic and says he is the who clashed with her in mall. Sujoy says yes and if he had been there, condition would have been under control. Gunjan signals that Yogi cannot murder anyone. Mona says she is right. Pari pleads that if he saves her Yogi, she will marry him. Sujoy gets angry and asks her to get out and find another lawyer, how can she talk so cheap. Mona controls him and says she is tensed and don’t what she is speaking. Gunjan pleads again. Sujoy agrees to help for Yogi and Gunjan’s sake and asks her to give him complete details. She gives him details and thanks him. He smiles.

In police station, inspector tortures Yogi and insists to accept his crime on paper. Yogi writes go to hell. He kicks him down and orders constables to take him to torture room. Sujoy with Pari, Gunjan and others enters police station. Inspector identifies him. Sujoy says he cannot question his client without special aide translator’s help and his client comes under special aide category. Pari says inspector hit Yogi. Sujoy says he will drag this issue in court. Inspector gets afraid. Sujoy assures Yogi that he will get him out soon and takes his signatures on documents.

At home, family panics. Shiv tries to contact his lawyers in vain. Sujoy enters with Pari and Gunjan. Pari says Sujoy is handling Yogi’s case. Shiv doubts his competency. Sujoy says he will get Yogi on bail tomorrow, though the case may go for years and informs Shiv that he has handled ministry’s case. Shiv remembers him. Sujoy tells family that Yogi is being trapped as Vivek also hit Chacha, but police caught only Yogi.

Bablu with Surjith takes biryani for Yogi and after feeding constable some and taking his permission goes to feed Yogi when inspector pulls him down and warns to get out, else he will throw him in jain under false charges.

Precap: Pari goes to meet Yogi, but inspector pushes h er away.
Sujoy holds her. Gunjan meets Yogi.

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