Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 31st March 2020 Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 31st March 2020 Written Update by MA

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 31st March 2020 Written Episode

Pari returns home. Neha asks if she Dr. Wilson agreed to accept her as his assistant. Pari says she met him, but he is very arrogant. Neha asks shall she bring beer. Pari says its okay. Neha says she had gone to watch Yogi’s match and not meet Dr. Wilson. Pari shouts Yogi lost the match. Neha asks so what, he didn’t lose life though. Pari says match is Yogi’s life. Neha asks if she met him. Pari says no, she wanted to see Yogi win. Neha hugs her and goes to bring beer. Pari sits sadly reminiscing the romantic moments spent with Yogi. Hai Kya hai jo tere mere darmiyan hai…bin tere…song… plays in the background.

Surjith and Bablu sitting a tea shop discuss about Yogi losing. Bablu says he can’t see Yogi losing. Surjith says it was a tough match. Bablu says even then Yogi’s muqaddar/fate is not good. Surjith asks what is muqaddar. Bablu explains and reminds about Muqaddar ka sikandar movie and remembers who all acted in it, thinking about Ranjeet says even coach’s name is Ranjeet and if he stops Yogi from playing next match, they should punish him. Tea vendor laughs and says with 4 days of practice, Yogi cannot win match. They both scold him and walk away.

Yogi walks to football academy and reminisces how family reacted hearing about him losing match. Dil Yeh Ziddi hai…song…plays in the background.. Prakash sits tensed on bed. Kusum says its already 1 a.m., will he not sleep. He says he is not getting sleep at all. She says she thought he is strong, but he is very weak; he has taken more pressure on himself than Yogi. Prakash says he wants Yogi win, how could he tell Yogi that if he loses, whole family’s hard earned earnings will be lost. Kusum says Yogi won life’s match already by supporting Gunjan. Prakash says she is right.

Yogi practices football. Ashayein…song…plays in the background. Watchman asks him to go home as people hit goals here and lose during match, he can’t stay awake whole night. Yogi signals him to just wait and watch and continues practicing. Coach Mishra watches Yogi. Ranjeet asks what did he see special in Yogi. Mishra says Yogi will get them trophy this time and shows Yogi hitting goal.

Precap: No precap today.

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