Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st August 2020 Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st August 2020 Written Update by Amena

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st August 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Riddhima searching for the clues. Vansh gifts Siya and Ishani. He pleases them. Ishani says my new car, is it my fav colour. Vansh says black, I went to get black, then I got purple colour as you told me. She gets glad. Riddhima looks around and gets a key. She opens the cupboard. Aryan says I hope you remember I m also your brother. Siya goes to do his talk. Riddhima opens the cupboard. Vansh gets a call and goes. He hears some sound. He goes to check. Riddhima hides inside the cupboard. She worries. She recalls hearing his footsteps and hiding inside. Vansh checks his table. He looks around. He goes to the cupboard. Siya calls him out. Vansh leaves. Riddhima gets locked inside. She gets breathless. She recalls Kabir.

She says I m feeling suffocated. Kabir asks her to trust him, close her eyes and keep breathing. He asks her to remember they were together on the beach, everything was so lovely, always remember our fear is just a game of our mind, don’t let this overcome you, think how can you come out of this problem. Riddhima relaxes her mind and thinks how to open the door. She uses a hair pin to open the lock. She comes out. She thinks Kabir’s love is my strength. She says I think someone is coming, I can’t give Vansh a chance, I will correct this. The lion falls down. Riddhima picks it. It then drops into the dust bin. She leaves.

Riddhima thinks I didn’t get any clue, I have to try again. She says where are you Kabir, how shall I tell you, my marriage is fixed with the person I hate and want to send behind bars, do something. She falls down. Vansh comes and saves her from getting hurt. Ishq mein marjawa…..plays…. They have an eyelock. She hides her pendant. She asks what happened. He says I offered you help, you didn’t even help, what are you thinking, that you fell down, about the marriage. She says of course, everything is like a dream. He says dreams should be beautiful, right. He gives her flowers. He says roses, its said its connected to love, I know we had a bad start, I wanted to do something romantic for my would be life, you are such kind of love, starry night, moon, rose…..

Riddhima says I m glad to know that you are interested in roses and love, I hope you know roses aren’t alone, there are thorns which know to hurt, you know just giving pain or bearing the pain, prepare yourself, something hurts in love as well, it hurts a lot, anyways, give it. He gets hurt by a rose thorn. She says you got hurt by the little thorn. He says you think I don’t know the meaning of love. She says of course, love isn’t just romantic gestures, it wants many sacrifices, candle light dinner isn’t love, being together even in pain is love. She recalls Kabir.

Riddhima says love isn’t happiness of some moments, its a lifetime commitment, love is peace and passion too, its darkness and light too, its pain and cure too, its soul and blessing too, its life and death too. Vansh looks at her. He gets a call. Angre says Shera/the lion pendrive isn’t in the secret room. Vansh asks what, how can it disappear. He goes and asks where did Shera go. Angre says I have checked it well, who can dare to go there. Vansh says we have to get Shera, its really imp, it has power to destroy me. Riddhima hears them and thinks who is Shera, is this any code word, Shera means lion. She recalls getting the golden lion. She says it means all the clues were in it, I was so close, I have to find Shera, it will get me freedom and end Vansh. She looks for the keys. She recalls Vansh’s words. She checks the bin and thinks someone has thrown the garbage outside.

Riddhima asks the lady for the garbage. Vansh asks Angre to search the entire house, none should get Shera. Vansh sees Riddhima. She goes out and looks for Shera in the garbage.

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