Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 13th June 2015 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 13th June 2015 Written Update by Amena

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 13th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Varad going to inspector and seeking his help. Astha wishes Shlok comes soon. Shlok cuts the ropes and frees himself. Astha and Indrajeet sit in the mandap. Shlok sees the video and gets angry. The marriage rituals start. Shlok tries to open the door. Astha thinks she does not wish to marry, please stop this marriage Shlok. The pandit asks them to stand for the phera/wedding rounds. Shlok sees them taking the rounds and hits the door. Astha gets dizzy and sits. Indrajeet asks her what happened, and makes her drink water.

She looks for Kalindi and Avdhoot and wishes Shlok comes soon. Shlok breaks the door and comes there. He shouts Astha and the marriage stops. Indrajeet gets stunned. Shlok walks to him in style. Astha starts going to him and Indrajeet holds her captive. She says leave me and puts the ghatbandhan in the havan kund/fire. Kalindi smiles. Shlok says I told you I won’t let this marriage happen. Astha stands behind him.

Indrajeet says he will call police. Varad comes with police and shocks Indrajeet. Astha says she will talk to police, she is Astha Shlok Agnihotri, she has got her memory back. Indrajeet, Shlok and everyone get shocked. While everyone smile, Indrajeet gets upset. Astha says I got to know who I m and who is my husband, I know Shlok is my husband, I was doing this drama to bring your truth out infront of everyone. She says this is Varad, she is my Bhabhi Sojal, these are my parents, you are Mr. Indrajeet Sarkar, who troubled them, he has snatched their business, money and then broke their happy family.

She cries and says you snatched my Sasubaai Anjali and our Baba is in hospital because of you, then you separated me and Shlok. Jyoti and Sid smile seeing this. Astha asks inspector to arrest Indrajeet, as he has kidnapped her husband and threatened to kill him, he felt she will never know the truth if he does not say him, she has seen him scolding the kids and stopping them from celebrating their mum’s birthday. She slaps him to end his drama. She says this slap will always remind him that relations made on fake end like this, I will be Shlok’s in all my births, he did not make any place in her heart. Everyone smile.

The inspector arrests Indrajeet. Shlok asks Astha did she get her memory back, he can’t say how much happy he is. He hugs her. Khuda…………..plays…………… She smiles and he asks what happened. She says she has to say something, she did not get her memory back, she just said him. They all get puzzled. Shlok says you spoke like old Astha, what do you mean. She says I said what everyone told me, and I knew Indrajeet’s truth, so I understood he is cheating me, and I trust you a lot more than anyone else.
Shlok says memory is gone, but not the habit to lie. She says she has to deal like this with wrong people. The pandit asks are they ready to start a new life. He asks Shlok to take sindoor. Chupke se ahista…………..plays………….. He fills the sindoor. The families and others including Manya, Chowki, Apsara, Sachin look on happily. They all clap. Astha and Shlok see the kids upset. Shlok says they can stay with them if they wish. Astha asks them will they stay with their Sapna Didi and Ballu Bhaiya. Shantanu and Mishti agree and hug them. Sid says let’s take a family picture and they pose for the pics. Shlok says Iss Pyaar ko Kya naam doon…. And they smile for the pics.

The show ended on a happy note with Shlok and Astha’s happy union.

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  1. Yusrahbello.
    June 16, 11:27 Reply

    I dont like the ending.its very sad.He lost his mother,his father run mad,and she lost her memory.too sad.

  2. sri
    June 15, 13:25 Reply

    Feel very sad nomore evenings with ipkkndebp y did u people end so fast u said 2month extension some time back Is it that every one was leaving the show? in which case u could have brought alternate peolpe and carriedout show Imiss aashlok and also Nirnajan Agnihotri very powerful character very very nice serial

  3. anonymous
    June 15, 12:35 Reply

    it ended too abruptly. sorry but ipk is still my favorite.
    congrats to avinash and shemalee on their wedding!

  4. Shezaadi
    June 15, 12:27 Reply

    I love this drama I don’t no y did u end it for plz put it bk on

  5. shwetha
    June 15, 11:43 Reply

    Seriously…. I mean I don’t understand y did ppl not season 2 that much compared to season 1….I mean both r equally gud…. I really loved watching this show for 2 yrs….I love ashlok and they’all always be in my heart….ipkknd (both season 1 and 2) will be my favourite forever…. Miss u sooooo very much…. Ipkknd arshi and ashlok rocksss…..

  6. later
    June 15, 04:35 Reply

    actually am getting sad hearing chupke se ahistha ..and also watching old epiz again and again…

  7. later
    June 15, 04:33 Reply

    missing aslok …lov u both

  8. swar
    June 15, 03:47 Reply

    will miss d shhow a lot

  9. Shine
    June 14, 09:00 Reply

    Miss u a lt iss pyaar ko kya doo 2……i thnk 2 seasns wer awsm………..

  10. Sudha
    June 13, 20:25 Reply

    Will miss the evening 530/6pm time of the last two years..Sad that this serial ended..wish it cud have gone on a couple of months more with awesome Ashlok moments in Anjali Niwas.. Hope to cu guys bak again in a sequel..

    • shwetha
      June 15, 11:46

      Yeah….both seasons could have been the best if continued…. Both took away tears off my eyes with their happy ending…I still become sad whenever I watch the last episode of ipkkns s 1…..they could have continued…. Anyways…. It was the best ever serial I ever watxhed…..

  11. Anu
    June 13, 15:20 Reply

    Im not satisfied with this ending becoz astha didnt get the memory,they hasnt went to anjali nivas,& the total agnihotri family is not shown especially cute little princes kavya.any way i miss u ashlok

  12. Merlin
    June 13, 13:25 Reply

    Nice episode happy to see shlok and astha union. But at the same time very sad because there is no further episodes. Going to miss this wonderful serial

  13. treasure
    June 13, 12:06 Reply

    Nice ending,I will iss pyraa ko kya naa doon a lot, but all the same nice union for astha and shlok

  14. Anonymys
    June 13, 11:46 Reply

    Want to see iss pyaar ko kya naam doon season3 with arnav n d kushi

  15. pooja
    June 13, 11:30 Reply

    but going to miss ashlok a lot

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