Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 12th August 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 12th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 12th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pujan Pandey getting angry watching the news channel about Suman. Rama tells that she couldn’t eat since Suman went missing. Shashi says she didn’t go missing, but has eloped with her lover. She gets Suman’s call. Pujan Pandey is about to pick the call. Shashi comes and takes the mobile from his hand. She talks to Suman. Suman thanks her. Shashi asks where are you and tells that Lakhan is searching for her along with his goons. Suman says she is safe. Shashi asks her to give address so that she sends money for her use. Suman tells the address to her and ends the call. Shashi thinks if she shall tell Pujan Pandey or not. She thinks what Pujan Pandey and his goons couldn’t do, she knows.

Suman comes after bathing. Badal walks near her. tera fitoor song

plays….They close their eyes and are about to kiss, but he remembers her promise that they will convince their parents and then only will move on in their relation. He apologizes to her.
Shashi tells Pujan Pandey that she was shocked to hear Suman. He asks her to give address. Shashi says I am afraid of you and tells that you are love’s enemy and killed Anjali who was speaking truth. She says Suman has crossed all the limits etc.

Suman says when I took that decision, I didn’t know that my father is not God. She says this moment is very special to her and she don’t want to lose it. She says we are husband and wife and are of each other. She tries to get closer to him. He says I am yours and will be yours too always. He says I don’t think this is the right time for our relation and says they will wait for her father’s blessings and don’t want to give chance to people that they have taken wrong advantage of their parents. Pujan Pandey hurts his hand and says you are testing my anger. Shashi says I am testing your anger. She says I will give you Suman alive or dead. She says you had killed many people’s daughter and says if you will kill your own daughter. Pujan gets angry. Shashi smiles.

Pujan Pandey comes to the place where Suman is staying with Badal and his inner self asks her to handle Suman with patience and love and not with anger. He is walking towards the door and happens to see Badal and Suman sleeping on bed. He misunderstands them and turns his face. He thinks you didn’t leave me and has no right to live after this. He is about to shoot Suman, but his hands shake and he recalls Shashi’s words. He recalls the moment when Suman was born, her childhood when she is demanding for siblings. Pujan Pandey says we don’t need any more child as he loves her very much and don’t want to share her love with anyone.

Voiceover tells that human don’t lose from others, but lose because of their own children. He comes out and calls Lakhan and asks him to go there and kill Badal and bring Suman home. He walks on road shocked and is about to get hit by car, but gets saved. Suman shouts and wakes up. She says I can’t call Bau ji. She says she can’t even call him and asks about him. Badal gets worried for Mohan. Suman says your father is good man, but my father is a murderer.

Arjun’s mother tells him that something is wrong with Suman and says she should have been here. Arjun says I like her and says we will meet her tomorrow. He plays the TV and gets to hear and see Suman Pandey appealing for safety from her father Pujan Pandey. Arjun recalls treating badal and gets shocked.

Precap: Badal is going out and asks her not to open door for anyone. Lakhan knocks on the door. Suman opens the door and gets shocked seeing him.

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